This is the app you must download to use Apple Music on Windows


Apple Music doesn’t work well on Windows. This alternative will allow you to listen to your music without any problem.

It is not at all strange to see that someone wants to use Apple Music on non-Apple devices, since for example the app on Android has more functions than on iPhone. The problem is if you want to use Apple Music on Windows, since the only way that Apple offers users of that operating system is iTunes.

iTunes for Windows is badvery bad, since it is a software that has practically remained in the past, offering the same functions since 2012. This means that Apple Music users on PC cannot use their service beyond mobile devices, at least until right now.

Cider, the app that allows you to listen to Apple Music on Windows

Two years ago Apple was looking for an engineer who would be the leader of the project called ‘next generation of multimedia apps for Windows’. Although it may have been due to the pandemic, the truth is that none of the current Apple multimedia applications has made a migration in the form.

This type of case is not unusual, since there are many users who have an iPhone but their favorite operating system is Windows or Linux. For this reason, it has been created a curious application called Ciderwhich will allow users to use Apple Music on another system with almost all its functions.

Cider for Windows

Cider is here for Windows and Linux, an alternative to listen to Apple Music on your computer

Cider is an open source project and that can be downloaded for free. Its main function is to offer the user a better Apple Music experience whether they use Windows or Linux as operating systems.

The creators of Cider have been inspired by the Mac Music app, offering a very similar interface, spatial audio and a similar speed of use. In addition, it has some other features like new animations, Discord integration, sharing audio to other devices, and integration as well.

Maybe the only bad thing is that not support lossless audio yet, so you have to listen to the music in stereo quality. Users will be able to download free for MacOS, Windows and Linuxbut remember that it is open source software, so Apple may ask for it to be removed sooner rather than later.

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