This is the minimum: a very modest cell phone with ink and a keypad.

Minimal phone: live more, scroll less.

Imagine a combination of mobile phone aesthetics Nothing Phonewith a touch Set on fire as well as a keyboard type blackberryabout what Minimal offers, a smartphone that, as the name suggests, is very minimalistic.

Digital Trends in Spanish

But what kind of cell phone is this? Minimal Company founder and CEO Andre Juhma recently took to Reddit to answer key questions.

What Minimal is about:

  • The Minimal phone will be made from environmentally friendly materials
  • It will feature a monochrome e-ink display and a capacitive touchscreen.
  • The 4000 mAh battery is designed for four days of use, and there is support for fast charging.
  • Below is a full QWERTY keyboard for a “more enjoyable and accurate typing experience.”
Digital Trends in Spanish

It is being developed to run on the MnmlOS operating platform, which is based on the “latest version of Android” and should provide access to the Play Store to download third-party applications.

The phone’s goal is to minimize distractions, so right out of the box you’ll be able to make calls, text and email, and it will also host a host of “select third-party apps essential to modern life, such as navigation apps.” or shared trips without overloading the user. Things like a calendar, notes, and other productivity tools will also be included.

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The phone will feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with 5G currently in development, and will be able to play music from YouTube and local storage via the headphone jack. Android Auto support and contactless payments are also expected.

Regarding privacy, the startup founder states that user data will only be collected for phone functionality and not for advertising purposes. It also promises frequent security updates, with promised support for the phone for at least five years.

The expected retail price is currently around $400, but discounts will be offered to attract early adopters.

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