This is the original bar in Burgos that combines robotics and technology with hospitality.

A the train that brings you beer alone at the table 3D printerA interactive graffiti or automatic cane is just an example of the technological items and gadgets that can be found in Top trainoriginal a bar opened by two young people in the capital Burgos.

“We wanted to create something unique and original.” To this end Alejandro Bartolome and Fernando Martinez gave birth to this new bar, born out of their passion for creating a place where… Technology and robotics are the main heroes of space.

Located in the old town of Poa, Calle Calzadas 25, premises started in August And after six months of travel, its creators are “happy and very motivated” by the project, Alejandro explains.

These young people from Burgos, aged 26 and 27, met inl degree in industrial automation and robotics from the Salesian Father Aramburu Secondary Education Centre. “We became good friends, and during our internship in Malta we became even better friends, and from there different ideas came. Among them is the creation of a new bar in Burgos,” says Fernando.

“We are both very restless and have a lot of ideas. We are passionate about robotics and It was clear to us that if we create something, it must be connected with her.“, explains Alejandro. This is how a “crazy” idea was born – Top Tren. Young people from Burgos who have been They combine hotel management with independent work.they began the process of “finding a location that would fit our vision.”

Partial view of the room with themed tables.SANTI OTERO

“We looked at a lot of places and Poa suited us because it quite spacious room with an upper floor“, says Fernando. After several weeks of renovations, the bar opened its doors in August. “When we share this idea with our families and friends,They told you we were crazy, but we didn’t care. We are very pleased with the reception we received at this establishment. People love the bar concept“, Fernando assures.

From the very beginning, the roles of these two friends were clearly defined. “I worked for several years in hotel and Fernando is passionate marketing and he is responsible for the networks of other businesses, so he has experience in this area, so he is responsible for this part of Top Tren,” he notes.

What’s in Top Train?

On site, clients will be able to find 3D printer. It was with the help of this printer that young people created train which “works through microcontrollers and cwith which we can serve a drink to the desired table“, explains Alejandro.

The train brings two beers to one of the tables.SANTI OTERO

Nails themed tables and each one is “dedicated to a different beer” and “they have a mural of The “skyline” of the city from which each beer originates“, adds Fernando. The place is also decorated graffiti cyan and magenta that “we scanned and used video mapping we give it depth and realism,” adds Alejandro.

This also attracts the attention of Top Tren customers. automatic cane that “we have scales with different measurements and that beer is served only according to the size of each glass.” Adds industrial electrical panel which “connects the machine to all the LEDs in the bar” and “allows us to play with the light to our liking, creating different environments and decorations,” says Alejandro.

With their desire and enthusiasm, these two young people want to continue to popularize this place and are already working on a project for this. calendar of events such as concerts, monologues or theme parties. “Without a doubt, opening Top Tren has taken time away from other things, but we are very happy with the project and the reception it has received,” says Fernando.

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