This is the pink button in the Movistar Plus+ menu.

If you use Movistar Plus+ via UHD decoder, you will see that the profile icon located in the top right corner of the menu has changed color. This update arrived last February, but you may not have found out what you can do with it yet.

The button went from a dark, inconspicuous color to pink with the inscription “Home” refers to the new Profiles menu available in Movistar Plus+, with which we can add the profiles of all the people in the house who use this service.

If there are several people in the house who use the platform to view different content, using this menu can significantly improve the experience of each of them with Movistar Plus+. This is because by using it from a specific profile, the platform will be able to save the content viewed and generate personal recommendationsso that everyone can use the platform the way they like, and it adapts as much as possible to the preferences of each person.

Screenshot of the profile button in the Movistar Plus+ menu.

This is worth mentioning because while it is possible to continue to use the platform from the default “Main” profile, setting up other profiles will allow each user to access certain features. This is: Restart a chapter or movie from where you left it, with a list. “Keep Watching”get personal recommendations in the section “For me”be able to add content to view later “My list”and more easily access the channels the user views most often.

All of these features are present in the overall Main profile, but said recommendations and lists will be mixed in with each person’s content, making it more difficult and time consuming for the user to find the content they are interested in.

On the other hand, if content has been recorded to be watched later or movies have been rented, they will be available to all configured users. All information about devices compatible with profile management is available on this Movistar help page.

Also set up a child profile for children

In addition, the new menu also allows you to set up a child profile with appropriate restrictions, so that the little ones in the house can always see content that is appropriate for them. Using this profile, we will ensure that a boy or girl will not be able to independently change the content to more adult content, since it is possible to set up a PIN code that will need to be entered to switch from this profile to another. .

Screenshot of the Movistar Plus+ profiles menu.

From the children’s profile, the channels that little ones will have access to will be: Disney Channel, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Boeing, Clan, Nick Jr, Disney Junior and Baby TV. All content will be classified for children under 12 years old. If you’re using a UHD decoder, there are a few other things to consider. From this profile you can watch other Disney or Netflix content that does not necessarily have to be limited to this age range.

When setting up this profile, “1111” will be set as the default PIN, which can be changed in the settings menu.

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