This is the price in dollars for a 25GB Etecsa top-up.

This Thursday, January 4, the Cuban telecommunications company Etecsa announced a new offer through which users will be able to get more megabytes in Internet packages.

As for the price of the new advertising plan, the company said that “distributors determine it based on the transaction and exchange rate in each country” and that this information “must be publicly available on their websites.”

However, they advertised it on social media, claiming that it only cost “125 Cuban pesos,” when in fact it did not.

Let us remind you that the only way to take advantage of the new 25 GB Etecsa data top-up, valid for all networks, is to make a purchase abroad on sites that have an agreement with the Cuban company.

Therefore, it is impossible to get this discount on Internet packages from Cuba when paying in CUP.

What then is the real cost of topping up Etecsa? Suena Cuba sent out an email to its customers saying that this exclusive 25GB internet offer can be purchased for “only $6.49.”


If you live abroad and want to top up your Cuba line with 25GB, follow these steps to take advantage of this promotion:

  • Join
  • Make sure the 25GB Promo Plan – $6.49 is activated on the screen.
  • Select the number of top-ups you are going to make.
  • Select a payment method and fill out the requested information.
  • Complete your order.

Here are the details of the offer:

  • Promotion date: from January 8 to January 13.
  • What it consists of: 25 GB to browse all available networks (NOTE: no balance will be added to your main balance).
  • Price: $6.49.
  • Validity period: 30 days from the date of notification of the promotion.
  • Bonuses from previous promotions: If you have current data vouchers, their validity will be extended for another 30 days.
  • Bundle and LTE Plans: Any active plan will be extended by 30 days.
  • Note. The validity period of SMS and minutes within the framework of this promotion is not extended.

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