This is what can happen to you if you hold in your sneeze.

He sneeze This reflex actionair explosion sudden And involuntary through the nose and mouth produced irritation that the reason is nose or in throat foreign particles such as irritants, allergens or viruses.

When breathing, nasal mucosa They filter and heat the air so that it enters the lungs as cleanly as possible and at the desired temperature. If they find any harmful substance, Defense Mechanisms They are set in motion to prevent penetration into the body.

It all starts with irritation and tickle in the nose which makes us inhale very quickly 2.5 liters of air what happened with lungs. Then through the nervous system it reaches brain rejection order and it sends a message to everyone muscles that are involved in sneezing (abdomen, diaphragm, vocal cords, throat and eyelids).

These muscles allow exile harmful substance from the lungs out through the nose and mouth when speed from 110 to 160 kilometers per hour. If you do not apply your hands, these particles, which will be accompanied by a fine haze of mucus and saliva, can spread over a distance eight metersAccording to research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After this a pleasant feeling will come.

Without holding back a sneeze

Although there are a number tricks To avoid sneezing, for example, press your finger to the tip of your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds or press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, experts advise don’t stop them. Closing your mouth and covering your nose at the same time is not a good idea as it can lead to various consequences. damage.

When sneezing, air pressure are strong that if we try to suppress it, we may suffer from rupture of a blood vessel nose, eyes or eardrum, which could cause us red spot in the eyeball or a slight nosebleed.

Inflammation nasal passages or eardrum, ear pain and headache, dizziness, damage to structures surrounding the eardrum, or changes in hearing other possible consequences of the attempt sneeze inside.

Trying to suppress a sneeze can damage your ears.

Two inevitable gestures

You may have already noticed that every time you sneeze, things happen that you cannot avoid, and one of them is close eyes. This is due to two reasons: on the one hand, nerves the nose and eyes are connected, and irritation in one of them causes a reaction in the other; and, on the other hand, brain It sends a signal to the eyelids to close automatically during a sneeze to prevent microorganisms from entering the eyes and thus avoid possible infections.

Another thing you can’t achieve, no matter how hard you try, is sneezing. without moving your head. You can only do this if the sneeze is very soft and the rate of air release is not too strong. Moving the head forward helps remove irritants from the respiratory system.

You already know when it comes to sneezing, give yourself free rein and don’t try to stop it, but try to do it somehow. restrained and as far as possible volume reduction noise.

About sneezes and countries

  • Spain: “Jesus” or “Hurray.” These expressions began to be uttered with the advent of Christianity in order to prevent the devil from entering the body.
  • Great Britain: “Be healthy” In the 6th century, the Pope ordered that anyone who sneezed, one of the symptoms of the Roman plague, be blessed so that they would not get sick.
  • France: “À tes” or “Vos souhaits” (According to your desire). This happened many years ago when changes in breathing were attributed to the presence of a divine spirit nearby.
  • Italy: “Salyut” (Health). This is a way to wish health.
  • Germany: “Gesundheit” (Health). Sneezing is considered a harbinger of illness, so we wish the person not to get sick.
  • Netherlands: “Gezondheid” (Health). If someone sneezes three times, they say: “Morgen mooi weer” (good weather tomorrow).
  • Iceland: “Guo hyalpi per” (May God help you).
  • China: If you sneezed once, someone misses you; someone criticizes you twice; and you caught a cold three times.
  • Vietnam: If the person sneezing is an adult, he does not say anything; They only respond if it is a child.

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