This is what the car that is the love nest of Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum looks like

True to form, the young couple choose a beautiful classic to reminisce about moments together. A car that stole all the eyes of the actress and they soon boasted on social networks. Slide and know more!

Zoe Kravitz He is one of the great stars of the Hollywood industry. With hers, her last role as Catwoman in the new movie “batman”, was on everyone’s lips for his outstanding performance. One of the most talented women with great potential, who has managed to inspire and empower millions. Thanks to her outstanding talent, the actress became one of the best paid and her fortune does not stop growing.

channing tatum his current partner, has nothing to envy him. The famous American actor, dancer, producer and model is also adding several hits to his track record. A star who stole the hearts of many female fans in movies like “Dear John” Y “Every day of my life”. A man with a great look and an imposing physique that captivates several looks.

Beyond the successes of both actors, their love story deserves a separate chapter. A movie love, which united them after a divorce and where everything seems to indicate that things are going very well between them. A really particular duo that is setting trends with their particular clothes and postcards where they can be seen as two children enjoying life. They are so cute together!

True to form, the young couple also choose a beautiful classic to reminisce about their time together. It is his incredible Chevrolet 3100 truck, typical of the 50s. A model that Tatum adds to the wide range of the Kravitz, and with which, together with Zoë, they could consider it their love nest. An off-roader that also reflects their passion for engines.

This beautiful pick up would become the standard model of the future. It also has 6 cylinders in line and a power of 90 HP. It has a market value of around $200,000, in its cheapest versions. An extremely comforting and attractive design that steals all eyes, and that the couple does not hesitate to choose for these special moments. And what did you think of this copy?

Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum in their Chevrolet.

Channing Tatum behind the wheel of his Chevrolet.

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