This is your health on your tongue: a dermatologist gives the keys

Raul de Lucas, head of the dermatology department of the La Paz Hospital, in the book “Tiempo al Tiempo”

He the color of our tongue can give us a lot information about our health. “From Time to Time” gave an interview Raoul de Lucas, Head of Dermatology Department Hospital of La Paz, which explained all Iinformation about our health What can we save? analyze our language.

“Is very important to know chow to be healthy, normal tongue… it should be pink, symmetrically represent the taste buds and, in addition, should always maintain a certain degree of moisture,” the expert commented.

“There is a pathology like inflammatory, infectious and even tumors that may appear on the tongue. Therefore before color changes persistent before symptoms What could it be pain, burning, rashes ulcers, erosions or wounds that do not heal for more than ten days, we should always consult a dermatologist,” explained Raúl de Lucas, head of the dermatology department at La Paz Hospital.

Revolutionary lipstick: it doesn’t spread bacteria

Angel Serrano, bioengineering and biomaterials researcher, in “Tiempo al Tiempo”

In addition, “Time in Time” visited laboratory in Valencia what I created antimicrobial lipstick that several people can use it without danger of contracting any disease.

A TAT correspondent talked to Angel Serrano, bioengineering and biomaterials researcherwho explained what this revolutionary lipstick is made of.

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