This low-priced dark cream is the secret to Kendall Jenner’s dark hair.

Today, April 24, 2024 at 5:22 p.m.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner – ©Gilbert Flores/GettyImages

Hydrating, illuminated and ultra-affordable, this L’Oréal Paris signature cream is made for all the celebrity beauty lovers out there.

If the good days for the device are already behind us, it is more relevant to send the file several times later. À defaut de s’exposer en toute sécurité, on mise sur des soins, capable of reproducing the effects du soleil sur la peau. Pour sela onto the dark background of the cabinet and onto the release of a dark cream well adapted to the wonderful time of year. In the march of beauty in a new genre, Kendall Jenner got her son’s nickname, so I prefer to advertise a video made on YouTube in Vogue magazine called “Vogue Beauty Secrets”. “

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Multifunctional product

Kim Kardashian’s petite sister’s face camera gives you stylish makeup looks that you can easily recreate throughout the day. After applying some anti-aging blush and light contouring, the star uses L’Oréal Paris ‘True Match Lumi Glotion’ brightening cream to take away the color. If a product is designated by a brand as a liquid enluminator, it should be applied over makeup as a foundation or mélange of crème de jour to subtly brighten and add color to the face. The formula is powered by Shea Extract and Vegetable Glycerin to moisturize lightweight Tandis while Illuminating Pearls impart a natural, instant glow. With 4 colors offered at the very attractive price of 12.90 euros, there is not much to choose from. For one time!

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