This model of thermal glasses is causing a stir and crowds of people in US stores.

Riots and large crowds marked the sale of new Stanley Quenchers at Target stores. Consumers are flocking to Target stores in Arizona and Florida in search of a new line of Stanley cups. (TikTok: victoria_robino_26)

Target stores V Goodyear, ArizonaAnd Wesley Chapel, Floridawere the scene of action riots and crowds in the last days before arrival new colorful Stanley Quenchers glasses. This is the line Thermal vessels produced under the brand Stanley, known for its thermoses and insulated beverage products. These containers are designed to keep drinks cold or hot for a long time due to their design. Vacuum insulated design.

Models extinguishers They usually have different capabilities, spill-proof lids and the design fits most cup holders, making it convenient for travel and everyday use. In addition, they are usually made from materials. resistant like stainless steelmaking them durable and suitable for various outdoor activities or regular use in the office or home.

He sales phenomenon It all started on December 31st with the exclusive collection “Galentina” from Stanleyonly available in target and continued to implement the model “Winter pinkJanuary 3 in collaboration with Starbucks. limited availability of these products led to them selling out online, causing frantic demand for the same thing. Galentine glasses are dedicated to memory female friendship within Valentine’s Day in hot pink and red versions.

At Target, purchases of Stanley thermoses were limited to meet high demand for the coveted product. (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

Stanley has released the Quencher H2.0 FlowState glass, the latest in its range Adventure Quencher Travel Cupin August 2022. This ecological packagingconsists of 90% recycled stainless steel and thanks to vacuum insulation, it promises to keep water ice cold for 48 hours and has a capacity of up to 1.18 liters. The brand gained a following thanks to its sustainable offering and launched collector feverand subscribers buy containers of different colors and sizes.

reusable bottles from Stanley They not only promote hydration, but also become Internet phenomenon. World President Stanley Brand, Terence Reillyhighlighted the impact of these products, ensuring that ““The Extinguisher” became an Internet sensation over the past two years.” With sales that sell out in minutes and videos that go viral on social media, the brand is committed to “continuing to provide innovative products and solutions to our consumers,” the company said in a statement quoted by CBSNews.

The hype around Stanley This is evident in the shocking numbers on digital platforms. Hashtag #stanleyquencher accumulates over 232 million views on TIK Tak and the brand has popular page on the same social network, gaining more than 9.6 million likes on his videos. Except, Stanley surpassed 1.5 million subscribers merging your accounts instagram And TIK Tak.

Stanley’s vibrant Galentine collection has become an object of desire in the American market. (@twogirlsmanycups)

Based on videos shared by consumers, the store’s branch Goodyear Target It was allowed to have a maximum of two thermoses per customer, while in Fort Worth, Texas, the limit was one per household. Representative Starbucks confirmed CBS News that thermoses will no longer be replenished after use.

Buyers have documented TIK Tak consumer desire to purchase “Winter Pink” glass from Starbucks January 3 at Wesley Chapel, Florida. One of them stated on video that he arrived at the store at 4:40 a.m. and found three people already waiting. As the morning wore on, the line grew longer. Their videos, which have received more than 3.3 million views, capture the moment customers rush to the kiosk. Starbucks And there was a quarrel between two people.

Prices in Stanley’s website cost $45, and the special edition Starbucks It costs $49.95. Some of these thermoses have been resold on sites such as eBay And StockX at prices ranging from $300 to $234, respectively.

Stanley recognized for its large water bottles with handlecalled extinguisherswhich are popular in international markets such as USA, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Europe, Japan And Great Britain. These glasses have become cult products for many consumers, creating expectations that lead to High demand this has recently been observed. exclusive launch strategy And cooperation with brands known as Starbucks contributed greatly to the fervor of buyers.

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