This streamer went viral for putting 2 forks in 2 toasters

Who would think of inserting two forks into two toasters at the same time? He’s only done this to once, so Boggles1 is at it again… albeit with an unwanted guest on camera.

Twitch sometimes has streamers curious, for example Boggles1. It was prohibited recently put fork V toaster and he moved on to Kick, where he did it again… twice this time.

This live video immediately went viral, although many users said it was fake. Maybe that’s why he tried again, only twice and with more danger.

For you live streaming via KickBoggles himself hesitated several times; until he finally did. The results speak for themselves.

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The streamer went viral again when he posted the clip on Twitter, but its veracity remains unclear. However, he states: “My God. So let’s talk, should two toasters cancel each other out?

That’s when he puts both kitchen utensils there at the same time and says:Death wish!‘, the screen turns off and flies away in the direction opposite to the camera.

It was an honest mistake“Boggles1 apologizes to Twitch. But according to Sportskeeda, there are still people who doubt whether it is real or a very well-staged farce to gain fame.

Anyway, the result is funny, because right at the moment when the screen freezes and you hear the message “I think I shit my pants“You can see it for yourself.

However, another streamer named GooseIsLoose did the same and called it “toaster challengeYou may have unintentionally started a test that could be very dangerous.

Boggles1 recently stated that he was banned from Twitch for this, apologized to the platform and even posted a message. Amazon Platform Mail where it was explained why he was fired.

Inserting a fork into the toaster is no problem

The clip on Twitter has already received nearly 2 million views and more than 500 comments, most of whom are wondering if it’s real and others are making jokes about it.

From here we warn you about DON’T do this and just keep telling the joke.the content creator has edited the video and knows full well that he is not exposing himself to any risk.

This Viral Twitch streamer who was banned for sticking a fork in a toaster goes to Kick and repeats it twiceWhether this is real or not is another story.

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