This unique color on Anne Hathaway polish is designed to take away all the beauty.

Anne Hathaway photographed on the streets of New York. (New York, November 27, 2023) Gotham/GC Images

Pour traverser une rue ou poser sur le Tapis rouge, l’actrice ne jure que par une couleur, qui d’ailleurs n’en est pas une. Last parade to avoid failure in the jump.

New York, December 11, 2023: Anne Hathaway poses for a photo during a hotel outing. Pair sunglasses, a lilac cardigan and affiche à son gauche bras with a Birkin d’Hermès jacket. They look paired with a white long sleeve t-shirt and oversized dark brown pants. A mode of choice that confirms that white is the new color that the actress prefers, one that does not correspond to the jusque-là sur les tonalités vivas. Avec le blanc, difficile de faire fausse route: au même titre que le black, this color se veut intemporelle… puisqu’elle n’en est pas une. White makes it easy to adopt the gout’s fauta so that it behaves well. Et pour cela, la star des Les Miserables plus the training regime in my son.

Anne Hathaway’s comment in white?

Valerie, of course

In many of her public appearances, Anne Hathaway appears completely white. “Real value” offering the best of what’s possible: On the other hand, with a pale ensemble you can offer the freedom of accessories. On November 11, 2023, she will also decide to wear a lilac cardigan with a white T-shirt. Plus, she was wearing a long yellow canary and she had everything you need for a suite, as well as grace in port d’une chemise blanche déboutonnée and nouée à la taille.

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On the red carpet, interpreter Andrea Sachs in the film Devil Chabille in Prada (2006) fait souvent le pari de la robe Blanche. At the Fashion Awards in December 2023, the plane will appear in an impeccable robe signed by Valentino. Seule eccentricité ce soir-là: This shade’s bodice is inspired by a plate of spaghetti. Pour bien arborer le blanc, Anne Hathaway wears a classic dress (oversized jacket, shirt, robe a la siren coupe…). Without using an original touch that guarantees results in the air in bad weather.

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