This was Hideo Kojima’s weirdest game that made us leave the house

Hideo Kojima It is fireproof. Japanese creator originally made famous by the saga Iron mechanismis currently embarking on two projects simultaneously: creating Death in Stranding 2 exclusively for Sony, and O.D. for Microsoft.

After leaving Konami, his creativity didn’t stop there, but during his extensive career at the Japanese company, he not only made Metal Gear, but also found time for other projects. Kidnapper, Cops and Enders’ Zone They are the most famous, but there is one more that remains strangely relevant twenty years later: Boktay: The sun is in your hands.

This Game Boy Advance game used a special solar sensor cartridge to detect daylight. A certain dynamic of the game made us, as if it were a health app, want to get out of the house and let the sun shine on us. Or at least make it to the Game Boy Advance.

Boktai Sun Sensor: The sun is in your hands

The name is still very interesting, and in this video we tell you how it happened.

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