This week’s Netflix releases

During the week from Sunday September 11 to Saturday September 17, Netflix has several in mind news in which the films The Invisible Man and Zombieland: Tiro de Grace stand out. The latter is the second part of this saga that has great actors like Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson. It tells the story of a group of survivors, totally different from each other, in an apocalyptic world. Unlike most movies of this type of cinema, it is not a horror film but a comedy.

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Meanwhile, among the series is the second season of Destino: the Winx saga as the most outstanding. This fantasy series has captured millions of teenagers around the world, who are anxiously awaiting its premiere on Netflix of the second season where powers, romances, mystery and rivalries will be the order of the day.

Netflix: Movie Premieres

ZOMBIELAND 2: GRACE SHOT – Trailer Spanish Latino Sub 2019

  • The Invisible Man: September 14.
  • Zombieland: Shot of Grace: September 15.
  • I Was Famous: September 16.
  • Rematch now: September 16.
  • Home adrift: September 16.

Netflix: series premiere

Destiny: The Winx Saga – Season 2 | First look | Netflix

  • Learning to live. Season 1: September 14.
  • The heartbreaker. Season 1: September 14.
  • Destiny: The Winx saga. Season 2: September 16.
  • Holy. Season 1: September 16.

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