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Colombian numismatics lovers, collecting money, securities and medalsThey discover new objects every day, which, due to their special characteristics, become objects of great interest to them.

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These coins manage to attract the attention of collectors and increase their value, becoming highly desirable in the market.

In recent years, with the introduction of a new series of banknotes and the cessation of the issuance of some others in the countryThis type of asset collection has become popular in Colombia.

While these items may not be used in everyday life, they represent significant profit opportunities for those who approach the hobby from a business perspective.

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However, there are coins that are still in circulation in the country and have a value significantly higher than their face value.

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Although most coins have small denominations, some collectors fetch high prices.

This information was revealed by a Colombian TikToker who specializes in these topics and who shared details on his social networks these works, making them very attractive to collectors.

These features do not always apply to collector coins or special issues issued by central banks for commemorative purposes. In this case, these conditions apply to coins that have manufacturing “errors” that make them unique and stand out from the mass of ordinary coins.

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The coins shared by the content creator are from 50 centavos, 200 and 500 pesos, and its value can reach 200 million.depending on the state of conservation and market demand.

The content creator details why these copies are so valuable and how much you can pay for each.

50 cent coin, 1957: Simon Bolivar’s face.

This coin has a peculiarity: when rotated vertically, the face of Simon Bolivar is inverted, which is a minting error. According to Darwin Lopez’s explanation, if a coin is smaller in size compared to other coins of the same year, it could be one of 11 test samples produced during this periodwhich significantly increases its cost.

200 pesos coin: dot in the central circle.

Although now out of circulation, this coin is still widely used in Colombia and belongs to a family that preceded the current one. It has a defect in the central circle, which usually has no figure. However, in some of them there is a point similar to those found in the four corners.

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While this could be considered dirt or wear and tear, experts say it is this detail that makes the piece unique and extremely valuable.

500 pesos coin with inverted object.

This coin has a feature resembling a guacari tree, which is found on the reverse of the coin. If the tree turns over when turning verticallymeans that the metal has special value to collectors because, according to the “influencer”, it is a die rotation error.

Minting defects that turn coins into real treasures

These three coins, influenced by minting errors, become real treasures for collectors and can reach significant prices on the numismatic market. If you have a passion for coins and have any of these pieces in your collection, It is quite possible that there is a treasure here that has great historical and economic value.

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Remember that in the field of coin collecting A minting error can dramatically increase the value of the affected coins. Many of them have not yet been withdrawn from circulation and are worth more than could be obtained using them as a means of payment.

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