Three day trick in hotels

disconnect This is one of the biggest advantages for us If we talk about hotels then do this anywhere in the world, Holidays in a hotel, and even more so holidays in ‘all-inclusive’, are one of the options that most attract travelers, especially if they come from distant places or are visiting distant places. However, from the newspaper 20 minutes, He has talked about a big trick that Think about hotels that offer these types of services So that there is no loss of money.

hotel move

When we go to book an all-inclusive hotel we think that it is What a great offer they are making us, Although it may be cheaper, there is a trick. Many use housing claims buffet Free, because this is the most attractive thing when booking a hotel during holidays. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, ‘all inclusive’ launches Customers want to try everything and in large quantities To amortize what was paid.

no accommodation They lose money with all-inclusive offersBut quite the contrary: they have found a strategy that makes them profitable.

passenger consumption

behavior since the third day Tourists change at meal time, On the third day, The traveler controls his shareYou don’t fill your plates as much, you don’t repeat as much, you stop drinking alcoholic beverages during lunch or dinner and you don’t consume as much variety of foods.

  • He The buffet is strategically placed, The cheapest and lowest cost products are placed in the front row – customers choose what is at first glance and within reach.

  • Place small plates To assure the diner that a plentiful meal has been served.

  • The utensils are chosen strategically. Tablespoons for some products and teaspoons for other more expensive products.


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