Three greats have sought to sign the goalkeeper of the U-20 of Honduras

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

About to turn 18, the young Honduran goalkeeper Juergen García has been wanted by three big teams in the National League and is waiting to play the U-20 World Cup in Indonesia 2023 to have better offers, according to his own words.

García had an outstanding participation in the U-20 World Cup in the goal of the Honduran National Team, playing all six games and being a key player in obtaining the ticket to the World Cup that will take place in Indonesia from the 20th of May to June 11, 2023.

In an interview with the journalist Américo Navarrete, Juergen Jafeth García Colindres tells details of the proposals he has received, what his objectives are and what he expects in this new championship defending the goal of Lone FC of the Honduran Soccer Promotion League.

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“We have been in preseason for three days, we are physically fine. I have not stopped, in my vacations I was training every day, ”began the goalkeeper, who in turn revealed that after the CONCACAF World Cup he had offers from First Division teams.

“There were several offers, thank God, they were Motagua, Real España, Real Sociedad, Olimpia was approached and also Honduras Progreso,” García confessed.

And he continued: “Real Spain was the one that made the most offers, but in the end things didn’t work out, I leave everything in God’s hands. Motagua also, Emilio (Izaguirre) communicated with me, spoke with the president of Lone FC and was among them.


Juergen García has a six-month contract with Lone FC and his “greatest desire is to rise with the team, play the starting matches, reach the World Cup in the best possible way, be able to play and thus open doors abroad.”

He explains that he is waiting to play the Youth World Cup in order to make a better decision with better proposals. “I have discussed it with my family, I have spoken with the team, let them put up with me, in the World Cup I can get better offers. At one point I was desperate to get out of the team because I was communicating with Real España, Motagua and Olimpia, but since one is young, he does things that he does not ”, he details.


He stresses that club president Alvin Lone has backed him through everything. “The president has helped me, he has been talking to me every day, he has more experience, he is telling me to put up with it here and if he says so, it is for a reason. God is going to touch his heart and that of other people who want to open doors for me.”

García is also confident of establishing himself under the three sticks of Lone FC. “I arrived at the age of 15, I have already been here for two years. Thank God he opened this door for me to keep me in the National Team, and this tournament could consolidate me and reach the World Cup in the best way so that doors open abroad ”, he insists.

He did not want to confirm or rule out whether he will renew with Lone FC and during the talk he told how his beginnings in football were. “I started playing with Empa, a team from Palermo, from my neighborhood where I grew up, the first federated tournament in El Progreso we were champions, then they called me to the U-17 National Team two microcycles, then I came with Lone FC and here I am since then”.

“Here I have learned, in youth they do not have the professionalism that is here, the goalkeeper coach Mario Bustamante has helped me, the teacher Luis (Alvarado) too, the teachers who have come have helped me and I get advice from them,” he added.

He is very clear about what he has to do with Lone FC to reach Luis Alvarado’s Bicolor with good numbers. “I have to have a good tournament, with the team we have we are ready to go up and we are going to fight, the owner of this boat is God”.


“My first goal in the short term is to be champion here and in the long run it is to reach the World Cup in the best way, to be able to play and why not dream of being champion in the World Cup, everything is possible in life, you have to put it in the head of that we can, we are 11 against 11 and we can with determination ”.

Alvin Lone congratulated Juergen García in person after qualifying for the Under-20 World Cup.

He is confident of being the U-20 starting goalkeeper in the World Cup. “I feel secure, the confidence that the teachers have given me, I trust myself and God will be protecting me there in the goal.”

“In the World Cup I got a lot of experience playing with a lot of people, it’s a nice experience that you don’t have every day,” he added.

To close, he announced that “I am studying, this year I enrolled, I am in ninth grade. Then see what career I can take to have time for both”.

Juergen García will turn 18 on January 28, at Lone FC they are happy to have the Bicolor prospect and due to his age he has to continue in the next Under-20 in Concacaf competitions.

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