Three questions to understand TikTok blocking

PAS DE RESEAU – Bastien Le Querrec, lawyer for the association La Quadrature du Net, has reopened the mechanisms that serve as a means of suspending the use of the application in the archipelago

In New Caledonia, urgency occurs on Tuesday at 5 o’clock local time (as well as on Monday evening at 20 o’clock in the capital region). The regime, shortened by two weeks, has permission for exceptional measures in the territory, such as appointments at the place of residence without the permission of a judge or restrictions on treatment. If you decide otherwise, never watch jusqu’alors: l’interdiction de TikTok.

Access to the video platform is not possible for 270,000 New Caledonians. The Plus parties, not la Quadrature du Net, should not rightly criticize this decision. Bastien Le Querrec, the association’s lawyer, revived the measure without precedent.

Comment: ce blocage at-il pu avoir Lieu?

The Network square has an arbitrary block, which is “occult”. “Rien n’a été formalisé, donc le gouvernement a puchangeurs fois son gun d’épaule sur la justification,” assesses Bastien Le Querrec. This exact justification was not initially scheduled for May 15th for the Prime Minister. « Comme il est annoncé en même temps que l’Etat d’urence, plusieurs observateurs ont pu senser que cela faisait party de ce cadre (…) Lire la suite sur 20minutes

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