Thyroid, check for 525 euros: when the INPS pays the credit

Some thyroid problems can lead to an INPS allowance ranging from 290 to 525 euros. Let’s find out what are the ailments that allow it.

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There thyroid it is a small gland whose proper functioning is essential for staying healthy. The pathologies related to thyroid dysfunctions are different and differ in terms of severity and symptoms. In some cases, the person suffering from thyroid problems can have important consequences in relation to the degree of autonomy. When the invalidity is at the highest levels, INPS pays the invalidity pension. In less serious conditions, however, it can be received a check from the variable amount between 290 and 525 euros. Necessary requirement is to suffer from abnormal levels of thyroid hormones.

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Thyroid, who is entitled to the allowance

In order to obtain an economic benefit from INPS it is necessary that the applicant has relevant physical consequences due to thyroid malfunction. Specifically, the pathology must significantly compromise the ability to carry out simple daily actions. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, therefore, do not automatically trigger the disbursement of the check. Only upon reaching a certain degree of severity you may be entitled to the service.

Disability and cholesterol: there is a check that is worth more than 500 euros a month

In 2022, the subjects that the commission in charge will indicate as suitable for receipt of the check will receive 291.60 euros per month. This is the basic amount, for less serious cases that fall within the limits set by the National Social Security Institutes. The sum will increase as the invalidity increases, reaching over 500 euros. Let’s see when it happens.

Over 500 euros a month, who are the recipients

If the thyroid disease manifests itself in such a serious form that continuous assistance is required, the INPS will provide € 525.17 for twelve months. This is the accompanying allowance that is due to subjects who lose the ability to move on their own, to dress, wash or eat independently. The request must be forwarded to the institution and the entire procedure must be completed correctly before obtaining the check. Specifically, it will be necessary for the applicant to undergo a medical examination to ascertain the attainment of the degree of disability for which the attendance allowance is granted. Only by sending all the required documentation will it be possible to receive the disbursement of 525.17 euros each month.

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