Ticketmaster, the company that sells tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert, suffered a massive data breach.

The well-known hacker group ShinyHunters claims to have discovered a security hole in the ticketing company’s servers. ticket master, in charge of the box office for Taylor Swift’s concerts in Madrid. Media from all over the world repeat the alleged theft of confidential information from 500 million users, which will include, but is not limited to, full name, personal address and some payment information.

It looks like Ticketmaster is going through some tough times. Just seven days ago, the US Department of Security demanded the dissolution of Ticketmaster’s parent company Live Nation Entertainment over its monopoly, and now the company has become the victim of an alleged massive data theft that would affect the estimated 560 million users who have an account on the platform.

Ticketmaster, an international company that sells tickets to massive concerts around the world, faced a critical situation when it became the target of one of a group of hackers who had already harmed others such as Microsoft or AT&T. ShinyHunters asks US$500,000 for a complete package (1.3 terabytes of data) containing information stolen from the world’s most famous online ticketing company.

The Live Nation-owned company usually handles the box office for Spain’s biggest concerts, such as the one taking place this week at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to see the American star. Taylor Swift. To create an account on the platform, you must provide your full name, last name, postal address and email address. When purchasing tickets, this is done through a virtual payment gateway where you must provide full credit card information. It is assumed that in addition to personal data, parts of this payment data were also leaked.

The ShinyHunters group, active since 2020, has hacked companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Pixlr and Pluto TV, among a long list. Some of its members have been sentenced to several years in prison in various countries for crimes related to theft of money and confidential data, computer fraud and identity theft. Typically, data leakage occurs as a result of a computer attack, and then the packages are sold through the “dark web,” part of the deep Internet.

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