TikTok Sun Callus | “Suncallus”, a dangerous practice encouraged on TikTok that can cause skin cancer.

Sun callus is a dangerous practice that is being encouraged by content creators on TikTok.RD

Dangerous practices are spreading TIK Tak. Content creators as well as ordinary users are spreading a trend that extremely harmful for health belonging wool. They call this new trend “sun callus”.

Social media is filled with videos encouraging people to “build their sunburn.” This will consist expose yourself to the sun constantly and for long periods of time without any type Solar protection.

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False “benefits”

According to those people who encourage the practice of this trend, this technique will cause the body to generate resistance to solar radiation. They claim that after deep burns, once you are “healed” from those burns, you’d better synthesize vitamin D and that, in addition, you will improve the appearance of your skin.

dermatologists They are fighting this new trend., and many people use their influence to convince people that this practice is beneficial. And everything that is further from reality.

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There is no such thing as a “sun callus”

There is no such thing as a “sun callus”, and experts say that the skin cannot develop tolerance to ultraviolet radiation, quite the contrary. Constantly being exposed to the sun for long periods of time and during hours of greatest solar radiation. extremely dangerous for the skin.

Skin with spots as a result of excessive sun exposure.

Dermatologists insist that the implementation of this dangerous trend will only lead to the skin ages prematurely, spots, wrinkles and burns appear and, most dangerously, it exponentially increases the risk appearance skin cancer.

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