Time reporter who interviewed Miley said: “Just because it’s in the magazine doesn’t mean it’s respected” | Behind the scenes of The Note

In a recent interview with local media, “Time” magazine correspondent, Vera BergengruenShares details about his meeting with the President Xavier Miley. The journalist made an offer Critical view and explained in detail the management of the note, the context in which it was developed and the idiosyncrasies of the “eccentric” president.

Vera Bergengruen, journalist for “Time” magazine. (Photo: @time)

Vera Bergengruen Explained “Time’s” editorial interest in Miley and highlighted that editors look for figures of global relevance. “They choose someone who is very interesting to the world at the moment, in this case (Xavier Miley)More than anything else, because of the experiment being carried out in Argentina“, he pointed.

Interview, title “Javier Mieli’s revolutionary plan to transform Argentina”which specifically aims to introduce Miley to an international audience United States and Europe. According to Bergengruen, “Miley was interested in talking to Time so she could talk to the world,” Underlining his desire to expand his global notoriety.

Regarding the international perception of Miley, Bergengruen commented: “The rest of the world doesn’t know him that well. “He thinks so, but a lot of people don’t know who he is.”

Cover of Tme magazine.

The journalist also highlighted the difference between being a cover figure and receiving international honours. “Making the cover of Time is not the same as international recognition. Being featured in the magazine does not mean respect.” Held.

In this sense he said: “It was really interesting because Time has an international audience, So I wrote a sort of profile to introduce her to the rest of the world who maybe didn’t know much about her but had seen the show, the character, the hair, the campaigns, the dogs’ life.

Asked about the title of the cover, Bergengruen He replied: “I didn’t choose it, I just liked it.” ‘shock therapy’but we had many options. But a radical is someone who does something very different from those who came before him, and also Shockea People’s. “He does things in such a way that people don’t know how to react.” he explained.

One of the most important aspects highlighted by the journalist was the photo session in the presidential office. He said that Miley does not use the Rivadavia armchair, a symbol of power in Argentina. “They told us Miley didn’t like it because he doesn’t use that sector of Balcarce 50,” he explained.

Miley’s office also drew attention for its unique decor. “She has a table filled with gifts from her followers: His campaign figurines, chocolates with the faces of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, Jewish texts and a mug with pictures of dogs”Bergengruen explained.

Bergengruen also highlighted the important role his sister Karina Milla played in the president’s administration. “Kareena is responsible for approving interviews and managing a large part of her agenda. there’s a group around Miley that wants her to do what she knows best and Karina is in charge of that,” he said.

The journalist concluded that the real test for Miley would be her ability to implement long-term structural reforms while minimising social disruption. “Milley may be running out of time before her popular support wanes,” Bergengruen sounded the alarm, highlighting uncertainty about the sustainability of popular support for the president.

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