To play God of War Ragnarök or Until Dawn on PC, you’ll need a PlayStation account… although they don’t have multiplayer.

Even God of War doesn’t rank higher than PSN

The latest State of Play wasn’t focused solely on the future of the PS5 and PS VR2. In fact, more PC releases were shown than Sony’s VR releases. And it wasn’t a lie when we said we’d be seeing some great games from PlayStation Studios this year: along with the delightful Astro Bot, God of War Ragnarök and Until Dawn have been confirmed to be coming to mouse and keyboard devices in a few months. Two games with a very high narrative component and for one player. Which begs the question: Why do you need a PlayStation account on PC?

Having a PlayStation Network account, which only takes a few minutes to create, helps promote cross-play, much like an Epic Fortnite account does, or EA, Capcom, etc. accounts do with their respective online experiences. But back to what we did before: unlike Helldivers 2 or the Ghost of Tsushima part, also from Sony, these two upcoming games They are for single player. And with the exception of the cable collection that was, we expect future PlayStation Studios games to ask for it.

So, is it good or bad to ask for a report? For practical purposes and from the point of view of the experience of each game, this does not affect the gameplay, and on paper the new interface created by PlayStation for PC will allow us to import trophies that we already have on the console or see the activity of our connected friends. But let’s return to what we did before: the latter is of little use to us. if we can’t play with them.

It is unclear to us whether, unlike Ghost of Tsushima It will also be possible to import saved games, but this – in the absence of cross-purchase – will add additional meaning to this procedure. The real payoff, and this is a big one, is that, barring a last-minute surprise, neither of the two games can be purchased in the more than 170 countries where the PlayStation Network is not available.

Why the God of War sequel requires a PlayStation account

Honestly, at this point in the game we all assumed Kratos’ latest exploit would hit PC. The pattern and benefits when it comes to rebooting PlayStation games (and giving them a second commercial push) are becoming increasingly clear, and Hermen Hulst has masterminded Sony’s strategy of offering multiplayer games simultaneously on console and PC, with most of the storytelling on PS5 first. However, the real strategy is to attract PC gamers to PlayStation.

Hermen Hulst, who becomes head of PlayStation’s video games division in June, explains what he’s looking for bring PC gamers to PlayStation through games, as well as through equipment such as DualSense or headphones. And while it’s not stated, it goes without saying that having an active PlayStation account is a small but big step taken in that direction.

“We’re finding new audiences that will potentially be very interested in the game, such as sequels on the PlayStation platform.”

We will have to wait September 19 see if God of War Ragnarok Is this the full and final version of the Santa Monica bomb released on consoles, or will we see ourselves in the same versions as The Last of Us, but there is one thing we already know: do you want to play PlayStation Studios games. whatever and wherever it is, from now on you will need a PSN account. It’s good that they are completed in a jiffy.

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