To unblock the decision, the ruling party agrees that profits in Patagonia will be taxed separately

New editions of the writings of Aadhaar law and fiscal package Those conversations began to be broadcast today on the cell phones of opposition senators. After a day full of meetings, which were attended by the brand new super minister Guillermo FrancosThe ruling party sought this Wednesday to close the debate in committees to bring the projects to the venue next week. With that objective, Government provided an important modification to the Patagonians: Increase the tax base of Income tax for the area. This is a significant change if one considers that this was something on which, until today, Casa Rosada was reluctant to give up.

22% increase in non-taxable minimum La Pampa, Rio Negro, Neuquen, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego This implies that the tax base for taxpayers in these provinces will increase from $1.8 to $2.2 million for single people and from $2.2 to $2.6 million for married people with children. Technically, the amount of the scale was not changed, but exemptions for concepts such as family expenses are expected to increase. In addition, the possibility was left that 100% of the interest on a mortgage loan could be deducted.

Despite the desire to move closer to the government’s position, it is unclear whether these changes will gain the signatures needed to achieve a majority decision, although libertarians are close. He said, “I’m not going to vote for a tax on the middle class when with these amounts of money in Patagonia you’ll barely make it to the end of the month.” Nation A senator from the region who has a crucial vote in discussions in committees. Southern legislators distrust the intentions of the government, which they allege is already seeking a vote in the Deputies to reverse these amendments.

Radical senator Martin Lousteau wore a mask during the debate because he had a fever in recent daysVideo Record

The ruling party conditions the approval of the fiscal package, which will relieve the provincial public accounts, on the fate of the Bases Law. For this reason, they first called a plenary session of the General Legislation, Budget and Finance and Constitutional Affairs Commissions at 3 p.m., which will have to define whether or not to proceed with the treatment of Miley’s founding project. According to what this media learned, the members who could destroy the government’s intention to hold the majority office are the people of Santa Cruz. Jose Carambia and portino Martin Loustau (UCR).

None of them are willing to go along with the Casa Rosada text. However, it will be important if they present their own office today or if they succumb to the Kirchnerist rejection. Lousteau attended debates in committees wearing a mask because he had a fever in recent daysSources in his office said.

It was agreed on the income amendments that the commission would continue to be delayed. The rumblings of rebellion began last week, when Carambia was absent on the day the ruling party intended to govern. The same thing happened with Neuquina Lucilla Crexellwho had given the gift in the morning but was not traced after the fourth intermission. Meanwhile, Loustau He stood firm in his rejection and the Libertarians were unable to gather signatures for a majority vote.

Kirchnerist Senator Anabel Fernández Sagasti

The Liberal administration needs to reintroduce the tax to fulfill its economic program which includes the promise to eliminate the PAIS tax, withholding tax and the tax on bank debits and credits (check tax). This is combined with the need to speed up the approval of projects Demonstrate political strength in markets and multilateral credit organizationsprimarily to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Contrary to the dogmatism of a few months ago, the executive branch is willing to resign, content to achieve the first parliamentary victory.

In their crusade against the Gananias, the Patagonians are accompanied by 33 Kirchnerists and senators of the Unidad Federal, Edgardo Cuider (Entre Ríos) and Carlos Mauricio “Camau” Espinola (Present). In total, there are 43 adhesions, five short of the 48 needed to overturn the tribute by two-thirds.

Senator Jose Mayans used the termGabriel Cano/Senad Communication
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