TODAY EUROMILLIONS draw: a player from Spain becomes a millionaire

Friday, January 19, 2024, 10:32 p.m.

You can become a millionaire quickly with the help of state lotteries and bets. One of the draws that makes things easier is EuroMillions. Every Tuesday and Friday, players from all over Europe try to earn a dizzying amount of money to make all their dreams come true. Being touched is easier than you think. Without going into too much detail, this week’s guesser won a massive jackpot of €88,000,000.

A guesser from Europe won the grand prize in Friday’s drawing 17,000,000 euros being a first category guesser (5 guesses + 2). On the other hand, in the Third category (5 hits) the player from Zaragoza won. 30,205.91 euros. But the most important thing happened in El Millon.

A player from Castro Urdiales, a Cantabrian municipality with a population of just 30,000, won the prize Million What is equivalent 1,000,000 euros.

Here are the winning numbers for this Friday, January 19th drawing:

27 28 44 48 50

Stars: 7 and 12

Million: XGH18037

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How to play EuroMillions?

This draw consists of selecting 5 numbers from a table of 50 (numbers 1 to 50) and two stars from a table of 12 numbers (numbers 1 to 12). At EuroMillions, 50% of proceeds go towards prizes. The bid price is 2.50.

How have the lives of the winners changed?

He wins the new Eurodreams draw and is declared dead

The new EuroDreams lottery competition has won the first draw in Spain. In particular, an Asturian who earned a total of 2,000 euros per month for five years. But the news of his luck was darkened for a few moments when it turned out that the lucky winner, a native of Villaviciosa, died before he could receive the prize.

Establishment of state lotteries and sweepstakes in Lastres (Colunga), where the winning ticket of the second category was confirmed.


“I’m alive,” said the man, who wished to remain anonymous, as he did a few days ago when he won the prize. He validated his ticket at ticket office number 35,355 in Lastres (Colunga) and won a single prize of €120,000. This is 2000 euros per month for five years.

The man does not understand how he could be considered dead without checking. “Please remove them,” he said in connection with information published on this matter. No one explained anything to him or apologized.

The winner wants to sue the lottery for ruining her life

Jane Park won the EuroMillions when she was 17 years old. Now, four years later, he has admitted that what he thought would improve his life had done the exact opposite. In fact, he wants to sue the lottery for “ruining” his life.

The young woman was lucky because she won a prize with the first ticket she purchased. The figure with which it was obtained was exactly 1,175,000 euros. According to him in an interview with the Mirror newspaper, the award deprived him of his sanity, and he squandered the money on designer clothes, cars and cosmetic surgeries.

He now admits he would prefer not to win the EuroMillions because his life would be “simpler”. As he admitted, despite the fact that he has a lot of money, his life is “empty”, and it is very difficult for him to find a partner who is not only interested in his money.

They always played the same numbers and lost the only day they didn’t bet.

The story of Rachel Kennedy and Liam McCrohan is a story of bad luck. A couple from England came very close to winning €182 million. Young students always participated in the EuroMillions drawing and, in addition, always bet on the same numbers. They didn’t fail a single day, and in fact, they had a platform that they could use to automatically buy tickets every week.

However, one Friday they did not do so because their bank account ran out of funds. “We didn’t think they were going to come clean,” they told British media outlet The Sun.

They were wrong. When they checked the app, they received a notification with the numbers they had always played with that were set. And they saw that they were the ones who took the biggest prize. Thus, they lost the opportunity to win 182 million euros, which was the exact amount of the jackpot.

He wins over 5 million euros and finds out about it in a bar

Rufino became the most famous resident of Valuengo, a small town in Jerez, after his victory in Gordo de la Primitiva. 5 million four hundred thousand euros were spent on this. The most curious thing is how he found out that he became a millionaire: in a bar and by accident. Rufino was drinking coffee in a regular bar. There was talk among customers that someone from the city had won the Primitiva jackpot. A local waiter suggested checking Rufino’s ticket: “It’s you from Gordo.” And hence the general mistrust. No one in the bar believed it, not even the winner himself. At the company where he worked, Rufino had an accident that cost him three fingers on one hand and disability.

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