Today, in Lo de Evole, Jordi Evole interviews the Stretch cousins, three survivors of the Andes crash.

Tonight, at 9:25pm on LaSexta, Jordi Evol interview to stretch cousinSurvivors of the Andes tragedy. About Evole travel to uruguay to meet with Daniel, Eduardo and Fito Strache, three survivors of the accident. They are cousins ​​and in the mountains they were in charge of a job that was as unpleasant as it was fundamental: they were the ones who cut the meat from the bodies and distributed it among their companions.

Oscar nomination for the film ‘The Snow Society’ One of the most shocking stories of recent decades has once again been brought into the headlines. In which mountain range did a plane of the Uruguayan Armed Forces crash on October 13, 1972? the Andes, There were 45 people on board the plane, most of them members of the Uruguayan rugby team, who were flying to Santiago, Chile, where they were going to play a match.

they managed to survive 16 of them, after going through one of the most extreme experiences known: 72 days at an altitude of almost 4,000 meters, without shelter, without food, without connection to the outside world. His story goes far beyond the headlines he left at the time (The survivors had to feed on the bodies of the dead. To survive), and continues to thrive more than five decades later.

Unknown details of their life in the mountains

Sitting around a table, they remember the accident that happened to Jordi Evole and everything that happened after: how they organized and formed what they still call ‘The Snow Society’, a The bond between them all that keeps them unitedBeyond family ties or friendship.

In conversation they reveal Details that were not mentioned before And they were unknown even to their relatives. How he was faced with the dilemma of deciding between eating the flesh there, eating the bodies of his dead comrades or letting everyone die. And after deciding how they distributed the food. What did you feel and think then? How did they maintain sanity and group cohesion?, especially as he himself admits that his kingdom was “almost savage”. And how they lived after the experience that changed their lives forever.

Evol also talks to Fito’s sister, Rosina Strauch. she counts How families experienced the tragedy About the injured: the frustration when the search for the plane was called off and the shock of learning more than two months later that there were survivors.

,How did they survive such a difficult situation?, What impact did what happened on the mountain after the accident affect his life? Are all the survivors still united or have they fallen apart? Will they attend an Oscar ceremony featuring the hero of their story?

Evol started the season as the most watched program on LaSexta over the weekend and ahead of its rival

The new season of ‘Lo de Avol’ premiered to great success on LaSexta last Sunday. Jordi Avol’s program was leading over its direct rival with an advantage of +1.5 points and was the most watched program on LaSexta over the weekend. ,What about Poocho?‘, with an average of over one million followers and 3.3 million unique viewers, it achieved an average share of 7% and was the absolute leader in 25-34 (11%) and 35-44 years (13.2%).

Additionally, Lo De Evol improves the slot by +1.5 points compared to the network’s average for the season.

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