Tokyo hides a curious detail in the raindrops, but you have to look closely

The game from Tango Gameworks, which was released last week, mixes Japanese culture in all its elements.

The slightly dark fantasy of GhostWire: Tokyo has already dazzled a good number of players in PS5 and PC, where he landed last Friday. After this release, Tango Gameworks has assured the community that it does not want to be associated with horror games, and the proposal for its latest work reiterates these intentions through a deepening of Japanese mythology.

And it is that the game does not use the Japanese culture only to design its enemies, but it is also observed in details as small as the raindrops. As pointed out by the user DSymphony on Twitter, we can see that each drop represents the Japanese kanji “love“, which means, precisely, “Rain“.

Of course, the user also explains that it is a detail very difficult to perceive. The kanji can only be clearly seen in the drops closest to the protagonist, which in turn are the ones that fall the fastest on the screen. In this way, taking a screenshot showing the symbol is also a complicated task, although it is still a rather curious detail of Tango Gameworks.

Therefore, the kanji for rain are added to the list of particular details from GhostWire: Tokyo, as we have already seen other examples such as what happens when we take care of dogs in the Japanese capital. After all, in our analysis we told you that the latest from Tango Gameworks stands out for its setting, aesthetics and sick attention to detail of its creators.

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