Tom Brady Praises Lamar Jackson: ‘You’re the Reason People Watch the NFL’

The biggest winner in Super Bowl history spoke with the Ravens’ quarterback, the heavy favorite to win the season’s Most Valuable Player award.

Tom Bradyconsidered the best player in history NFLpraised the defender on Tuesday Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jacksonfavorite to be designated Most Valuable Player of the 2023 regular season, telling him that this is the reason fans watch the league.

“I first noticed you back in high school, that’s when I started following you. I really love what you’re doing now at the highest level, you’re definitely the reason fans watch the show. NFL“, Told him Brady To Jackson while broadcasting his podcast “Let’s Go!”

Tom Bradywho retired last February after a 23-year career during which he won seven rings. Super Bowlmaximum for a player NFLI spoke with Sea great season he had under control Crowswhich he led to finish number 1 in American Conference (AFK).

“You have the ability to inspire your teammates through your actions, words, humility, toughness and courage. All this makes you special. Guys like you have such an impact on people, you have an incredible career, thank you for being here.” “He added a former defenseman who played 20 seasons for the team. New England Patriots and three s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jackson27 years old, already won a prize Most Valuable Player in the 2019 season, he thanked the words of the future participant Hall of Fame and told him about the thorn in his side when he received his first engagement ring. Super Bowl.

“I have this grudge. This chip is still on my shoulders. I want this. Super Bowl. This is the reward I really want. I feel that today we have a team that can achieve this. There are players, a coaching staff, we have everything we need at the moment,” the defender emphasized Baltimore.

Crows They finished the campaign on top AFK with a record of 13 wins and four losses.

Their status as favorites to arrive and win Super Cup LVIII On February 11, they confirmed this in Week 16 of the regular season with a 19–33 victory over the team. San Francisco 49ersthe best team and the main candidate for achievement Super Bowl V National Conference (NFC).

“I’m ready, healthy and very happy to be back in the playoffs,” he concluded. Sea.

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