Tom Cruise acrobat for Mission Impossible 7 jumps on the moving train


Tom Cruise is known for his aversion to stuntmen. If there is a dangerous scene to shoot, he wants to play it personally. For this reason, it was not surprising that, during the filming for the new “Mission Impossible”, the seventh episode of the saga, the 58-year-old former “Top Gun” was caught jumping on a moving train, to punch a another actor in the role of the villain.

Filming is currently underway in Yorkshire, England. The film had a troubled history due to the pandemic. Last year, the crew had to leave Venice, due to the lockdown. Then filming started again, and last November they moved to Rome, where several chases were shot.

According to casting sources, Cruise made the experience of sharing the set with him “a nightmare” for some. “Many of us like to take a break, and resume when we can – said a crew member – but Tom is completely obsessed with getting the job done, and nothing can stop him.” In short, the actor is “the most determined person in the world”, but this can become a nightmare for those who work with him.

Tom Cruise will make a movie in space: he will go to the International Station with an Elon Musk rocket

Cruise also allegedly paid out of his own pocket for two robots tasked with implementing coronavirus safety regulations on set.


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