Tom Holland, ugly in his new series and his hairstyle is to blame

The headline you would never have imagined reading, Tom Holland and the word ‘ugly’ in the same sentence. The baby-faced actor who conquered us dressed in his superhero costume has changed look and the truth is that it does not suit him very well. There are performers who have had to put on weight to get into his character, like Christian Bale in Vice ooo Jared Leto for Chapter 27. Others have had to increase her muscles, like Natalie Portman, who had to give life to the Goddess of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder. Holland has had to leave long hairalso for script requirements.

The British actor is immersed in the filming of the series The Crowded Room since last March. So much so that he couldn’t enjoy Zendaya’s new win at the Emmys with her: her girlfriend received the award for best actress in a drama in Los Angeles, while he was filming in New York. Produced by AppleTV+, The Crowded Room is a new anthology fiction that will tell true stories of people who have learned to live with mental diseases. The ten episodes of the first season of the series are full of suspense and are based on The Minds of Billy Milligan, the award-winning biography of Daniel Keyes. Tom Holland brings to life the protagonist, Milligan, the first person acquitted of a crime for suffering from multiple personality disorder, what is now known as Dissociative identity disorder.

Tom Holland on the set of ‘The Crowded Room’ GTRES GTRES

Do you remember Tom Holland playing Spiderman? Their current look It has little to do with the man from then, more muscular and well-groomed than now. The long unkempt hair is part of the process of characterization of the character, Billy Milligan. They look alike?

Tom Holland and Billy Milligan

Who was Billy Milligan?

This first season, starring Tom Holland, is based on the biography The Minds of Billy Milligan. In it, Daniel Keys recounts the life of this man who kidnapped and raped three women. The experts came to assure that Milligan had twenty four different personalitiesmostly peaceful, which developed due to the abuses that he received from his own stepfather When I was a kid. He took advantage of the fact that his mother was leaving home to corner him and subject him to different torture and rape. Her mind then created a defense mechanism to escape the pain. In the end, he became the first criminal to be acquitted to prove that he had a Dissociative identity disorder in 1991. He died of cancer in 2014.

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