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Fights, controversies and many funny moments left the first installment of “The house of the famous”, the reality show that had as winner Alicia Machadowho in a heart attack final defeated Mexican influencer Manelyk.

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Due to the great success of the first season, in Telemundo They did not take long to announce a second installment, with new characters but with the same rule and essence.

In recent weeks, the participants of “The House of the Famous 2” have been confirmed, which includes singers, dancers and models, who promise to speak with coexistence.

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Toni Costa has found love in Evelyn Beltrán and now she is going for the jackpot in "the house of celebrities 2" (Photo: Instagram)
Toni Costa has found love in Evelyn Beltrán and is now going for the jackpot in “The House of Celebrities 2” (Photo: Instagram)


One of the surprises for the new season was the inclusion of Tony Costa, who arrives recharged after several months of tranquility next to Evelyn Beltrán.

And it is that the Spanish dancer struggled for months with the accusations of having cheated on his ex-partner, the Cuban host Adamari López, something that, although they have denied, was a very repeated theory for a long time.

That’s why, in The House of Celebrities 2, Costa promises to do his best to win the grand prize: $200,000.

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In one of the official social media posts from the reality show, Toni Costa was asked “What would you spend the $200,000 prize money on?”.

The Spanish response was simple: “A little house for Alaïa, that’s my motivation”, he indicated with a wide smile.

“My daughter is my life, and she knows, everyone knows, that I share so much with her and that I have been able to raise her together with Adamari and it has been a precious process. She is going to be my strength and because of her I am going to win”, the Spaniard told Jimena Gallego.

Finally, the dancer distanced himself from several companions with a single promise to his daughter: “Daddy will never do anything that you can be ashamed of, ever.”


  1. Niurka Marcos
  2. Luis ‘Potro’ Caballero
  3. Yvonne Montero
  4. Nacho Casano
  5. Natalia Alcocer
  6. Brenda Zambrano
  7. Salvador Zerboni
  8. John Vidal
  9. Mayeli Alonso
  10. Laura Bozzo
  11. Rafael Nieves
  12. Daniella Navarro
  13. lewis mendoza
  14. Edward Rodriguez
  15. Tony Costa
  16. Osvaldo Rios

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