Too powerful, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson explodes Will Smith!

After being one of the most iconic legends in the history of wrestling, Dwayne Johnson took the world of cinema by storm and established himself as a reference for many years. And in this sector, the one known to the general public as “The Rock” has just played a dirty trick on Will Smith…

If Dwayne Johnson has not played a wrestling match for a few years now, he remains one of the most illustrious actors in show business across the planet. And for good reason: the golgoth has converted with great success into the seventh art, becoming one of the most recognized cinema superstars of the current era. His beginnings were certainly complicated, but the situation quickly changed, and the interested party found himself in the casting of several Hollywood blockbusters.

The saga Fast&Furious, Jumanji as well as Baywatch: Baywatch, these are all films well known to the public in which “The Rock” was able to demonstrate his talents. If the feature films have not always been acclaimed by critics, the spectators have each time come in droves to watch them. According to a survey of the site The Numbers, the works where he appears as a main or secondary actor have also earned revenues of around 10 billion dollars. A fortune.

The sums in question are pharaonic and show that the mere presence of Johnson is synonymous with a box office of very high quality. Result, the studios have there a real goose with golden eggs at their disposal, and therefore trust him more and more. For example, the WWE Hall of Famer recently had the right to a very big promotion within the DC Extended Universe, DC Comics’ film group. In particular, we find the film black adamwhich will soon be released in theaters and of which he is the star actor as well as the producer:

The Rock’s monstrous salary for his next film

This is a long-standing project, especially for “The Rock” since he is behind it and has been campaigning for its implementation for fifteen years. This will therefore see the light of day in October 2022 and should a priori be a new commercial success. The actor, meanwhile, has already grown rich thanks to the film. The website variety has indeed revealed that he received a check for more than 22 million dollars! To this is also added a share of the profits made by the feature film, since his production company Seven Bucks is involved.

For comparison, that’s more than Will Smith earned for his appearance in the blockbuster. Suicide Squad, also a member of the DCEU. The star who caused controversy at the last Oscars had thus won “only” 20 million. But a studio director explained this by the bankable side of the former wrestler, a status reserved for a handful of big names only:

Most actors aren’t worth what you pay them, but Tom Cruise and maybe Dwayne Johnson justify their salaries.

How much Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will get for his movie black adam is amazing, Warner studios did not hesitate to pay a high price for this project. Given the popularity it enjoys around the world, there is little doubt that this investment will quickly pay for itself.

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