Topps postcard with Lionel Messi for almost $70 thousand

The sports collector’s elixir has many variations. However, from clothing to items signed by big stars, there are others specifically dedicated to cards. Cards (Cromo, postcards, etc.) are a unique and sometimes extremely expensive item, as happened recently with a unique edition Topps With Lionel Messi in that Inter Miami belonging MLS.

In the history of this hobby and big business, of course, unimaginable deals have arisen. So much so that one could talk about millions for just one copy. From Major League Baseball even legends about NBA, NFL and football also played an important role.

In accordance with, Collection Guruuser X dedicated to the collection, Topps put chrome up for sale Lionel Messi. By the time it entered the market, the cost was close to US$50,000. But after a few hours everything changed radically.

Lionel Messi on a unique card

The Argentine star’s card clearly states: “1/1”which explains its existence as the only specimen in the world.

Appears in chrome Lionel Messi smiling inside the golden circle. On the outskirts you can see blue, pink and purple tones. Without a doubt, it gives a feeling of depth and relief.

By midday on Monday, January 1, the postcard’s value had been revalued to $69,000.

The Argentine has owned and starred in several cards of this type in the past, however he has never received so much money for one card, although the value increases thanks to the special edition Topps with the club Miami.

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