Topuria responded to Yair Rodriguez: “His career is over”

Ilya Topuria’s victory over Alexander Volkanovski in the main event of UFC 298 This made many fighters want to fight the recent featherweight champion.

One of Topuria’s contenders is Mexican Yair “La Pantera” Rodriguez, who congratulated Topuria on the victory, but with a defiant message: “Well done, Ilya Topuria, but I remain with what I told you: “You are behind me.”

A message Topuria responded to in an interview with FOX Sports on Tuesday, responding to statements Rodriguez made before the fight. “Yair said that if I lose on Saturday, my career will be over. He hated me for telling the truth and for the way he behaved in the Volkanovski fight. “He didn’t fight, he let himself go.”

Topuria’s reaction didn’t end there: he told Rodriguez that he truly represented the Mexican style and admitted that La Pantera’s career was truly over. “It hurts Yair Rodriguez that I represent the Mexican style much more than he does. His career is over, and he never showed what characterizes the Mexican style, namely eggs. I represent him more than himself. The Mexican style has taught and inspired me a lot, and that hurts Yair.”

The verbal duel will be the only confrontation between Topuria and Yair Rodriguez, as El Matador has ruled out a fight between them in the short term. “Right now, my next opponent won’t be Brian Ortega or Yair Rodriguez, even if they fight four or five times in a row, because they’ll have to face someone else.” before competing for the championship.”

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