Tough Love in “Rebound”

Jennifer Lopez:

J.Lo’s “Rebound” video is even worse (source: Youtube)

Avec son nouveau clip, an ensemble of singers got into a bad relationship…

Pas de repo for Jennifer Lopezwho is on all fronts at this moment, puiskel album vient de sortir son “This Is Me… Now”. The album, which was supposed to be the last for the singer, was sent in an interview when she came one day “At the end of a new life and the debut of a new one”, perhaps this is a reference to the film company. Despite the fact that the success of the disco at that moment was much less, J. Lo saw a new video from the album.

Morso s’apelle “Rebound”. Sur une Instrumentale influenced by RnB and trap (sous-genre of rap), singer stop talking about love relationships and plus clarifying toxic relationships. The video is taken from the movie This Is Me… Now: A Love Story filmed on Amazon Prime Video as it appears in the background. In the video, Jennifer Lopez keeps company with her companions. She received confirmation that this album was created for the project, plus an intimate and personal composition, and it requires this episode from the life of this video to become our reference. Et vous, vous savez?

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