Tourism returns to Afghanistan despite foreign warnings

For many Afghans, and especially Afghan women, The return of Taliban to power has not really brought them a secure life, But it’s not what they think Small but growing number of tourists (5,000 between March 2023 and March 2024) who are returning attracted by the image that order has returned to the country after years of war, with the Taliban. and they do Ignoring the warnings of the Foreign Ministry It is written on their website that this is not at all the case, information that should certainly not be accessible to travelers but to travel agencies.

At the beginning, a clear message warns that “SIt is recommended not to travel to Afghanistan under any circumstances, The ministry’s recommendation reminds that “there is a risk of kidnapping or attack throughout the country” and that The embassy had to be closed due to lack of security And it is transferred to Qatar, so consular assistance cannot be offered on the ground. For this reason, Foreign Affairs had to transfer personnel from Pakistan and Qatar to care for the survivors of the attack in Bamiyan. The note warns that “demonstrations or disturbances of public order may occur at any time, as well as bomb attacks and suicide attacks,” which is why, it reiterates, “it is strongly urged that “Do not travel to Afghanistan,” and if you do, avoid crowded places like markets or restaurants.

Most tourists last year have come from neighboring China, a result of good diplomatic relations between Beijing and the de facto Taliban government. But according to the information given by Muhajir Farahi, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture of the fundamentalist government to Efe agency, the visits of tourists from European countries were also recorded.

The Taliban have made efforts to strengthen the security situation in the country since their arrival in August 2021, and although attacks have declined since they carried out the majority of attacks before taking power, The presence of jihadi group Islamic State has become the biggest challenge for of two.

The 5,000 visitors last year is a number that is a far cry from the approximately 90,000 foreigners who visited the Asian nation in 1970. Insecurity has made it one of the least traveled places in the world, according to World Bank data. Although the return of the Taliban to power after victory in the war in August 2021 meant a complete collapse of tourism, the country is increasingly trying to become an attractive destination, particularly promoted by radicals . A UK-based online travel agency guides visitors to “Afghanistan’s hidden gems and rich cultural tapestry; A land that has captivated hearts for centuries,” tours start at $2,858 per person for approximately nine days.

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