Tourist car catches fire on Havana Avenue

A passenger car caught fire Thursday night in the middle of Havana Avenue, but no deaths or injuries were reported.

An Internet user wrote in the Facebook group “Bus and truck accidents for more experiences and fewer victims!” Published a video of the accident. When passing through a place from where you can see A white car with a big fire on the hood,

The incident happened exactly at 100th and Ventos, but whoever uploaded the photos does not know any further details.

Facebook / “Bus and truck accidents for more experiences and less victims!”

“I live on the corner, There were no injuries, but the car was technically defective.another person shared in the comments.

Another user on that social network questioned, “Everything is already lost in this country, no one stopped to help, the most beautiful thing was in front of Cupet and Cupet fire extinguishers, which no one could It is possible.”

The statement of the car driver regarding the incident and the reasons for the fire has not been revealed yet.

These types of accidents are becoming common. Particularly due to poor quality of fuel, lack of fire extinguishers and mechanical and electrical failures occurring in cars.

A few months ago a car caught fire at night in a corner of the VedasAnd The fire also engulfed another vehicle On Boyeros Avenue in Havana.

Last year there was also a tourist rental car Fire broke out in the middle of the central highwayBut no one was injured in the accident.

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