Tout ce que l’on sait sur son album prochain

L’artiste est sur le point de sortir son nouvel album, Eternal Sunshinehe released on March 8th and released the premiere single Si yes?.

Ariana Grande’s new album is approaching and is receiving special attention!

After weeks of ridicule and speculation, here is the official decor. Eternal Sunshine – named after, selon les rumeurs, au Film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) by Michel Gondry – will be released on March 8, 2024 and will be available on all 13 tracks. L’une d’between them, Si yes? The artists are releasing it with an accompanying music video that offers a premiere look at the album’s tone, with its addictive rhythms and festive atmosphere.

Cela fait quatre ans que la chanteuse n’a pas sorti d’album, depuis Positions (2020).

I trim it Si yes? d’Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande is very popular in the environment and the rest of the profession is also in the works for this new album.

At the last Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish has yet to present her theme and is not interested in a new album that is not available to Ariana.

Statement from Billie Eilish.

More singles, more surprises ahead

In my outing, Ariana Grande briefly spoke about social networks that were lonely, but she was not assigned to d’ichie to become a jewelry fair. Eternal Sunshine selon sa Concept: like everyone else, debut at the end.

The opus is a concept album based on the premiere log of the creation of the latest track, and Ariana Grande will offer an experience of strong music. L’artiste a tout de même précisé qu’elle se garde une ou deux surprises in reserve for patient fans, without pointing to nature.

With the Super Bowl finale set to air on February 11th, premiere footage of the musical comedy is impossible. Wicked: Party – visit on November 27, 2024 in the dark rooms – soient devoilées, where you can discover Ariana Grande as the sorceress Glinda. A case when you can understand how an artist performed a chansonette before 8 Mars?

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