“Tout sera plus énorme” – Purebreak

Without much surprise at the coincidence, Wednesday This is the award for Best Comedy at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards, which will be held on Monday, January 15, 2024, in the United States. A disappointment for fans who do not consider all this evil and compensate for the droit à une jolie for oublier leur peine.

Second season plus dark and huge flow Mercredi

Attending an evening at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles. Jenna Ortega is the eponymous name in the Best Actress in a Comedy category to effectively capitalize on the bureaucratic red tape for the latest revelations of the second season, which will be released on Netflix.

La comédienne n’a pas encore de date de sortie (le Tournage n’a même pas débuté), mais elle a tout de même teased the beauties choosing a suite: “Here are the first scripts of season 2 and finally when visiting the atmosphere is even more terrible, peu“.et de promettre ensuite: “Everything will be even grander. Il y aura un peu plus encore action“.

Le point positif dans tout ça, is that these evolutions are very intriguing, but do not change the characters and unique features of the heroine. “It seems that this exciting atmosphere is present throughout the entire series. The environment does not change Jama completelyet c’est ce qui est formidable with her elle” said Jenna Ortega. And now there are great new replicas“. Ça tombe bien, on ne vit que pour les piques salées de Mercredi!

Jenna Ortega’s petite boulette

Ultimately, this new atmosphere created a superior dimension to the series and then became a comedy suite emulating the creators Stranger Things in sortant la déclaration the most cliché, stupidity and disrespect possible in this genre: “I thought so A private episode corresponding to feelings, like in a filmthis is great“.

That’s it, Jenna, but on the other hand, this comparison is reasonable as long as the two industries are completed and retrovented at the lowest level. And it’s not like that Better Call Saul, For all mankind you’re doing an encore Fargo, a series about creative qualities, about the ideas of directing on stage and about bluffs in photography that lie for real. À l’inverse, on peut rappeler que le cinéma, clearly censé être plus prestigeux et qualitatif, nous a encore Offert des Bouses Comme Flash, Cavaliers of the Zodiac you’re doing an encore Family switch.

I will also say that the second season will be a fruitful work with even greater efforts put into the ensemble: okay and so many mier. I will say that the series will be the best car plus next to the film: okay and cliché.

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