Trade unions have announced a day of strike at banks due to the lack of an agreement on increasing wages

Banking unions have raised their voice against employers’ associations AEB and CECA. For two months now, a new agreement has been underway at the negotiating table, which should provide for wage increases for this and next year. However, numerous meetings held so far have shown differences in positions. Unions CCOO, UGT and Fine, which make up the majority of the sector, demanded increases higher than those offered by the banks in the midst of posting historic profits.

Therefore, these organizations have announced a call for strikes and mobilizations in the coming weeks. The first date marked on the calendar will be February 8 next year with a demonstration in Madrid. After this, a two-hour partial strike will be called on the 26th and finally a 24-hour strike will take place on March 22.

“The three organizations call for participation in strikes by employees of Banco Santander, Caixabank, BBVA, Sabadell, Unicaja, Bankinter, Abanca, Cajamar, Deutsche Bank, Ibercaja, Cecabank and other companies in the sector, demanding that the proposed employers recognize their efforts and contributions to achieving their expectations benefits,” said a joint statement issued this Thursday.

The unions, which have formed a common front at both negotiating tables, say they were trying to hold “quick” talks to take place before the results are revealed. The goal, they said, was to find a solution to the loss of purchasing power of the labor force. Now that the results are on the table, unions are pushing ahead with mobilization because they realize employers’ proposals are far from reality and do not match benefits, increases in senior management pay and dividends to shareholders. .

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