Train like Thor, Chris Hemsworth and smash love handles


Movements and functional exercises like those posted by Chris Hemsworth on his Instagram. Sure he is the god of thunder, but we recommend them for ordinary mortals

Sabrina Commis

They are certainly not a problem for Chris Hemsworth, the Hollywood actor sports a beastly physique forgaitoa also and above all with the crossfit. But let’s face it: the love handles they are a real problem for the male aesthetic universe. It is useless to consider them, reassuring, pleasant for women: only lies. I am accumulations of fat annoying, unsightly and we would do everything to eliminate them. The men amass the fat more on abdomen and hips and those rolls are more dangerous of those that characterize female overweight on the hips and thighs. The adipose tissue masculine, type “android”, in addition to giving a “lifesaver” aspect, it is a dangerous cause alterations of fat metabolism. An enemy to defeat. To have a good physical shape, few rules. However, to be followed consistently.

Train with crossfit

“A mix of exercises performed in series or in circuit, without pauses between one and the other – he explains Elena Buscone, massage therapist and trainer -. Recovery is done alone at the end of the series. We start with the warm up: light running, exercise bike, rowing machine to raise body temperature and prepare muscles. In central part, the proposal of the exercises changes, it becomes more intense, improve the physical qualities developed. For newbies, push-ups on legs and arms, sit-ups and running. Later they are added loads: balls, ropes, tires, free weights. The race becomes jerky and in the circuit they come inserted jumps on the spot or on the cube “. No contact, no risks, distances and safety in training “.

“Bet on toning. Thus muscle fibers increase, circulation improves, calorie consumption increases. The muscle cells, very hungry they need more fuel than those of other fabrics. With a trainer, even at a distance, do the roadmap: adequate loads, sets and repetitions according to the objectives. Do you want burn more? With the help of the expert, he varies the loads every week “.

circuit training

Bodyweight test: “It’s the functional training also ideal for those with little space and time (it lasts from 20 to 30 minutes). It includes a circuit of three or five exercises: the first two – three for the upper part, shoulders, back, arm, the others for legs And buttocks. The abdominal muscles always involved, stabilize positions, give balance. No breaks in the exercises, only a 1 and a half minute recovery between sets. Each movement should be maintained for 1 minute. You want to rock the metabolism ? After two weeks, compete with yourself; reduce circuit execution and recovery times “.


“With the first you increase your metabolism, with the second you activate it during training, you keep it high in 8 hours and burn fat “.

What are the methods to eliminate them permanently? “And the liposuction – explains Eleonora Iachini, aesthetic doctor -. The operation is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia depending on the quantity of fat to be eliminated. With the use of very thin and low traumatic instruments, cannulas with a diameter of 2-3 millimeters, you aspire excess fat and yes redefines the silhouette. The result is decisive and does not involve risks as long as it is performed in qualified structures and by competent surgeons. The day after the surgery you can return to a normal life. For the resumption of sporting activity, however, it is necessary to wait a month.

A few drawbacks to take into account: the use of a special sheath, to be worn day and night for the next seven days and only during the day for more 3 weeks. The bruises, visible in the aspirated area, disappear within a few weeks. Liposuction must be regarded as the last resort to eliminate the hated handles. The struggle must first of all foresee a change in lifestyle. The human body does not work in zones, to eliminate fat in a specific place, a overall program: correct dietary regime, physical activity and the use of pharmacological creams, over-the-counter drugs containing the principle of levo-thyroxine and aescin. They are of great help but should be used under medical supervision. The connective tissue massage of lymphatic drainage, carried out with specific equipment, it can give results as well as the mesotherapy and the cryolipolysis“.

Watch out for nutrition Workouts, treatments, but at the table the watchword is: healthy food . Green light at proteins of meat and fish, cereals integral, fruit, vegetables, little salt and many spices , with chilli in the forefront because of the capsaicin, which seems to increase the thermogenesis. Increase the consumption of foods in your diet a low glycemic index. And… lower the elbow: one of the greatest allies of fat there is alcohol: excessive consumption can slow down the metabolism.

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