Travel and descent through Jupiter’s Great Red Spot as measured by the Juno spacecraft.

The stunning animation is based on JunoCam image data and the microwave radiometer aboard the Juno spacecraft orbiting Jupiter, simulating a 3,000 km descent into the planet’s atmosphere.

Above the cloud tops of Jupiter. Image credit: NASA, JPL and Caltech.
Francisco Martin Leon

Francisco Martin Leon 2 minutes.

The animation below introduces the viewer to flight simulation in and then out Jupiter’s upper atmosphere on the site of the Great Red Spot.

Simulated trip

Your vision will begin about 3000 kilometers above the cloud tops of Jupiter south and you can track your progress on the screen on the left. How altitude decreases, temperature increases as you delve deeper into the location of the famous Great Red Spot Jupiter.

In fact, Juno data shows that The Great Red Spot, the largest storm system in the Solar System., penetrates approximately 300 kilometers into the atmosphere of the giant planet. For comparison, the deepest point in the oceans of planet Earth is just under 11 kilometers. Finally, the view rises from its spot.

YouTube Video ID = uj3Lq7Gu94Y

This video was created by combining images from an image generator. JunoKam NASA’s Juno spacecraft with computer animation.

Animated video on Jupiter’s descent: NASA, JPL-Caltech, SwRI, MSSS, Gerald Eichstadt, Justin Cowart. Via Astronomical Picture of the Day

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