Trend: Pharrell Williams with new soufflé on Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

Since 1930, the date of its creation, Speedy de Louis Vuitton, dubbed “Express”, is one of the most famous brands on the planet. Recognizable by its polo shirt shape, monogrammed dressing gown and timeless leather pennies, it lacks the most iconic piece of Louis Vuitton’s heritage. Reinterpreted by various artists from the likes of Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami or, most recently, Yayoi Kusama, he has never stopped inventing. The coincidences that accumulate most in the leather goods sector are “plus-en-plus”, “new items” at the end and “progress” (le modele est, après tout, quasi centenaire), le Speedy a parfois du mal à s’ overlay in mode scenes. C’était sans compter sur Pharrell Williams, bien décidé à en faire la star de sa première Collection pour la griffe de luxe.

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Pharrell Williams’ Speedy Launch Sends Stocks Down

On June 14, 2023, six days before the first line of the Louis Vuitton men’s collection and soit devoilée, Pharrell Williams posts a cliché on Instagram. Against the backdrop of a giant advertisement for the house, in the singer Rihanna’s laquel, pose enceinte de son deuxième enfant, les bras chargés d’imposants sacs Speedy colorés. Models that do not exist for an encore and that herald the launch of très spéciales. 20 young journalists, artists and celebrities will take part in the Louis Vuitton Homme Springemps-été 2024 show. Beyonce and Jay-Z, Zendaya, Jared Leto, Kim Kardashian, others are invited, as well as Rihanna and her companion A$AP Rocky. On the catwalk, the interpreter of “Happy” observes the author’s work on creating products in the style of tailoring refléchi and une créativité Deflechi. Preuve en est, il invente me un nouveau motif, mêlant le Damier signature of the house et le camouflage. But where there was direct sensation, there were bags in the mannequins. Mini or maxi, damier monogrammed or XXL, pop color or metal… Speedy has a poster with new skills open to its followers. Result: two days after the sortie, ils s’affichent déjà en rupture de stock, comme l’a confié Bernard Arnault dans un accordée au “Figaro”. And buy the Monogram model on the main and personalized gold chain and diamond chain for the price of one million euros.


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Mardi, January 16, 2024, Pharrell Williams invested in the Garden of Acclimatation in Paris to present the son of a man’s fall 2024-2025 fashion show for the French house. Focusing on Louis Vuitton’s historical Moroccan heritage, reinterpreting some iconic pieces, not the Keepall model, qu’il griffe d’un imprimé vache, or le Speedy, ici en rosevitamé. I expected this to be the start of great days ahead for Louis.

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Is it time to invest in a Louis Vuitton Speedy jacket?

The novelties, which aroused real enthusiasm among the public and promoted the Speedy model, were again reflected after the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama in the Moroccan fashion trends of the time. Is Pharrell Williams’ Speedy a good investment? “Louis Vuitton proposes regulation of Speedy reinterpretations. Since volumes are limited, there is usually a high demand that can be exploited at the same time. Risk is what limited collections are all about, l’attrait ne dure pas plus de quelques mois. Les recherches et prix Explosent au Début, avant de retomber d’un coup, ce qui rend la resente difficile après, explains May Berthelot, expert in luxury bags and in the fight against them. In turn, models like the Ceux de Pharrell may be making sure that they are considered as valuable pendants as they are long-lasting, just like the Supreme collaboration. » To make the most of it, choose the best holiday option in classic Speedy style. “This is a good investment,” confirms May Berthelot. This is one of the iconic Louis Vuitton bags that has been awarded since the promotion. In 2008, a Speedy 25 without bandulier cost around 380 euros. Today the best model has a price of 1300 euros. In times of crisis, such as celle que nous traversons aujourd’hui, luxury becomes a valuable refuge. En achetant un speedy, s’assure d’en avoir pour son argent. » Celles et ceux qui veulent sauter le pas peuvent également se Tourner vers la seconde Main, option plus écologique et moins onéreuse. On the second major platforms with Vestiaire Collective or Vinted, there are many different models of models showing status and price plus or points of interest to me. “Il faut faire focus, car, comme c’est un sac qui date des années 30, il peut y avoir des sacs en tres mauvais état ou qui sendent le renfermé. Il faut se rensigner sur l’année de fabrication du sac. Obviously, plus il est recent, plus il sera cher. For a three-vintage model in its current condition, I thought €500 was a fair price. For a model in good condition and with a five-year service life, a fair price starts from 1000 euros. In any case, if you want a profitable investment, I advise you to buy the Speedy à toile Monogram. Attention, if toilet paper is damaged or broken, it cannot be repaired! “, expert advice.

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