Trespass, between the whims of Nicolas Cage and the nomination of worst actor. What really happened


Trespass – which will be broadcast tonight at 9.20pm on Italia 1 – is a 2011 thriller film directed by the director Joel Schumacher. It actually represents the director’s latest creative endeavor, since Trespass it was his last film. Joel Schumacher passed away on June 22, 2020, but it had already been nine years that he had given up his role as mettle en scene.

Trespass, the plot

Kyle Miller (Nicolas Cage) and his wife Sarah (Nicole Kidman) seem to have a perfect life, at least from those who observe them from outside the luxurious villa in which they live. But at home, the family doesn’t seem to be doing so well: the couple’s daughter, Avery, is a rebel who doesn’t recognize any authority, while Kyle spends a lot of time away, thus pushing Sarah to feel more and more bored of her life as a housewife.

This already very unstable equilibrium is shaken even more when one evening, while Avery is at a covert party, the couple is attacked by a group of thugs. After posing as cops, the thieves take Kyle and Sarah hostage, demanding all their money and their luxury goods. The gang of criminals is led by Elias (Ben Mendelsohn) who seems to have his own motivation for the crime he is committing. Kyle and Salah will have to try to do everything to save their life and, together, protect their daughter’s.

The whims of Nicolas Cage

Trespass it has never been a particularly lucky film: it did not have a good response from the critics and even the public ignored and snubbed it so much that it prompted exhibitors to remove the film from the theaters after just ten days of programming. But already from the making the film seemed not to have started under the proverbial lucky star and ready, therefore, to become a real flop.

In fact, as the website of theInternet Movie Data Base, the production of Trespass was delayed due to some quirks to be on the part of Nicolas Cage. The actor seemed to have regretted accepting the part of Kyle, the husband of Nicole Kidman’s character. Indeed, Kyle is a fairly negative protagonist, essentially showing himself as a weak and cowardly man. For this reason Nicolas Cage began asking the director and producers to change roles: to take off the shoes of Kyle and instead wear those of the criminal who breaks into the house of the protagonist couple. Nicolas Cage’s insistence and desire reached such a level that, in the end, the actor abandoned the project.


The production of Trespass was interrupted on August 3, 2021, when Joel Schumacher found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to find a new protagonist after Cage left. He therefore offered the role to the actor Liev Schreiber, but when Nicolas Cage realized that not only his “whim” had not achieved any results, but that he was in danger of losing the role of Kyle as well, he decided to back down. He returned to the set and agreed to play the role he had already accepted.

Trespass at the Razzie Awards

The Oscars are the most important awards in the film industry: not everyone knows, however, that the Oscars ceremony is preceded, by one day, by the so-called Razzie Awards. These are awards that were founded in 1981 by journalist John JB Wilson and consist of a raspberry placed on a $ 4.97 Super 8 film tape. The precise name is Golden Raspberry Awards (raspberry, in English, it means raspberry), but they are called Razzie Awards from the English verb to razz, which means to tease, to prank.

The aim, therefore, is to reward the worst films and actors of the cinematic year. In the 2011 edition the film Trespass he had a not insignificant role at the Razzie Awards. Nicolas Cage was named Worst Actor and Worst Screen Couple along with Nicole Kidman. Trespasshowever, it did not receive any awards to show that, in 2011, there were worse films.

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