Triplex and Super ONCE draw result today, Friday, February 2, 2024

ANDl ONE coupon This is one of the most famous games. If you want to check the result of the draw Today’s coupon, Friday, February 2, 2024 by using BRAND You can find out what each of the published awards was like.

ONCE Coupon: Today’s Results

  • Awarded number: 62183
  • Award Winning Series: 113

ONCE coupon: how much does it cost and what are the prizes?

This ONCE game it has a price 3 euros. ONCE Cuponazo is giving away various prizes in which you can win up to 9,000,000 and 6 prizes of 100,000 each. With coupon XXL. Exceptonly 2 euros moreyou can win up to 15,000,000 and 6 prizes of 200,000.

Today’s ONCE Triplex results

  • First triplex draw (10:00): 483
  • Second triplex draw (12:00): 410
  • Triplex third draw (21:15): 741

How much does ONCE Triplex cost and what are the prizes?

He Draw ONCE Triplex It was born in 2016 and is one of the latest draws created by the National Organization of the Spanish Blind (ONCE), the entry price is 0.50 each.

prizes given away by ONCE Triplex They are smaller than other organization draws if we get 3 Triplex rooms, prize 150 eurosyes, but if we get these numbers right, but not in the correct order, we will win 10 eurosWith. On the other hand, if we guess first or last two digits, we will win 2 eurosFinally, if we only get the first or last digit, we will refund 50 cents.

Results of today’s Super ONCE

  • Result of the 1 Super Eleven draw:
  • Result of the second Super Eleven draw: 06-11-26-38-41-44-45-49-50-51-53-56-60-62-68-71-74-76-79-84
  • Result of the third Super Eleven draw:

Super ONCE: how to play

So you can play Super draw ONCE All you have to do is visit the official ONCE institutions, or also buy Super ONCE right on your website. You will need to select a combination of numbers before the first draw takes place. Due to work schedules, you may not be able to purchase your prize on the weekend, so try to claim it during the week. After selecting the numbers you want to participate with, simply you will have to wait to see the winning results the opportunity to emerge as a winner in any of the three with a single ticket of the day.

  • My day: December 09, 1996
  • Lucky number: 01.

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