True Detective season 4: after McConaughey and Farrell, a legendary actress leading the HBO series

The lines of this fourth season of true detective it begins to take shape. In the casting we will find a great actress, twice winner of the Oscar.

Of true detective, HBO’s superb crime series created by Nic Pizzolatto, reminds us of complex and tortured characters, extremely well-constructed investigations and cinematography worthy of a cinematographic masterpiece. Brilliantly directed by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, the first season garnered many rave reviews in 2014…as well as numerous awards, including the BAFTA for Best International Program and the Emmy Award for Best Directing for Cary Joji Fukunaga (who has since directed the last James Bond).

More than three years after the last version, which featured a mysterious closed case in the Ozarks region of the United States, season 4 is becoming clearer. We already know the location of the plot and one of the actresses who will star in this new series of episodes.

True Detective season 3: photoWhat a new inspector duo.

First, topped off the mystical nooks and crannies of the southern United States: after the legendary Louisiana bayou, after the heat of the Californian sun and after the plateaus of the Midwest, it is in Alaska where the series will leave its bags. And again after two male duos and a mixed trio: this time, the heroes will be two women named Evangeline Navarro and Liz Danvers (any overlap with the MCU is purely coincidental at this point). The latter will also be played by an Oscar-winning actress, and no, it’s not Brie Larson. This is Jodie Foster.

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This is a passing of the torch

The actress will make her big comeback in the little skylight forty-eight years after her last real appearance in a series (it was in 1974, with the sitcom moon paper, she was twelve years old). Recently, she directed several episodes of series, in particular an episode of black mirror, as well as the final episode of Amazon nugget tales of the loop – without being in front of the television camera again.

In the cinema, the actress has had a very long career since the beginning of the 70s: she has acted in a total of fifty films, among which The accused Y The silence of the lambs, which earned her the Oscar for best actress. Recently, she notably starred Elysium Y Pleaded guilty, with Tahar Rahim. She also received a Palme d’honneur at Cannes last year.

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See you in Alaska!

With this new announcement, HBO adds points and shows that the brand true detective remains true to its magic ingredient: a team chosen at the panel from among what Hollywood does best. This fourth season will be written by Mexican filmmaker Issa López -who will direct the pilot- and will be produced in part by a new rising star of American cinema: director Barry Jenkins, Oscar winner in 2016 for Moonlight. It is possible that he will direct some episodes himself.

At the moment, it is still early to get an idea of ​​the premiere date of this new season, but we are already looking forward to it. If you want to remake the first seasons, surely many will advise you to watch season 2… Many, but not us, at Ecran Large. On the contrary, we even found five good reasons for you to watch these episodes with Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell.

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