Trust services for a successful digital transformation

61% of Italian companies intend to increase investments in digital in the near future, 37% believe that these will be in line with the current ones, and only 2% think they will decline. This is what emerges from an interesting survey conducted in 2021 by Aruba Enterprise, the Aruba division that develops customized IT projects and solutions for companies and public administrations, e Cionet, international business community of CIOs and Digital Leaders, on the CIO, ICT Manager and CTO of the IT and Innovation area of ​​230 companies.

An evolution partly driven by a sense of trust and optimism towards digital adoption, partly by a need: the pandemic that broke out in 2020 has accelerated the processes of digital transformation and forced companies all over the world to rethink strategic-organizational models (working methods, processes, roles, skills …) and to enhance the experience in remote / smart working and the component safety. We just think that with the increase in internet usage, the risk of cyber attacks has increased. Since May 2020, the FBI has reported a 300% increase in cybercrime, and 72% of companies have admitted to having experienced at least one breach in the past 12 months due to an application vulnerability (source: Barracuda Networks, The state of application security in 2021).

Digital Transformation: digital trust is everything

In this context it will be even more important for the brand to establish and maintain the digital trust. It is no coincidence that the IT decision makers of the main Italian companies involved in the survey are convinced that the trust component in digital transformation paths it plays an essential role. Trust that travels on two tracks: the IT risk strictly speaking, which refers to the safety of processes, and the reputation of digital activities and of the organization.

The Aruba Enterprise-Cionet survey reveals that 57% of them will have aspecial attention to the technological skills that ensure validity and safety of digital transactions, and that a good 35% consider the essential human component, i.e. the trust of users in the use of digital technologies by companies and public administrations.

More than half of the respondents are convinced that the main positive effect of the digital transformation will be one enhancement and growth of human resources, followed by an increase of dynamism and reactivity, greater use of agile and smart work, and more ability to relate and supervise customers. The whole organization becomes less hierarchical and more efficient.

To achieve these goals, existing obstacles must first be overcome, such as complex organizational processes, the costs and time needed to implement solutions, data security and the lack of internal digital skills. An important help in this process comes from technological partners and the digital services available on the market, which are massively intervening on the organizational processes of companies, facilitating communication exchanges, viewing flows and much more.

Trust services and ideal technology partners

The providers of Digital Trust Services they are taking on an increasingly strategic role in digital ecosystems. According to IDC research, by 2025 25% of spending on security services will be dedicated to the development and management of Digital Trust plans. It is not so much a question of “simple” service providers, but rather of (trusted) partners who must support customers with training, consultancy and guidance activities.

Being transparent to build trust, the importance of safety in choosing a Data Center, the certification of Providers, the commitment to sustainability issues are virtuous characteristics and behaviors linked to the trust that companies look for in ideal IT partners / suppliers.

As for Trust services and solutions perceived as having greater added value by companies to facilitate their process of dematerialization and digitization, in 63% of cases these are solutions for managing approval and signature processes, followed by digital identity services (59%) and digital preservation services (51%). Answers that testify how data and information flows are essential to improve the company business. In fact, 73% use them often or very often, 16% quite often, and it is only 11% who still declare that they do not fully exploit the potential of data to improve their business.

A requirement sought in both technology partners and digital services is theintegration, which allows you to go beyond the cultural and organizational walls that hinder the journey towards digitization. For 81% of the interviewees, integrability is a fundamental element in choosing a provider. Choosing integrable tools and integrating solutions means positively influencing the organizational and strategic aspects of a company, enhancing what has already been achieved and previous investments. It means to add or remove (simplify) to complete, perfect and innovate without distorting oneself.

Key values ​​of Aruba Enterprise, which provides IT solutions for companies and PAs that embark on their journey towards innovation. Specialized division of Aruba SpA., the largest Italian cloud provider and first company in Italy for data center services, web hosting, e-mail, PEC and domain registration, Aruba Enterprise for over 10 years has been dedicated to the design, implementation and management of enterprise technology solutions cutting edge and highly customized, completely dedicated to companies and public administrations that need a partner to seize the great opportunities that IT and Digital Transformation offer. And it does so in the full compliance with pre-existing processes, with a view to integration which, as mentioned above, is a crucial aspect in the digital transition process. Let’s go into detail.

The pillars of the Aruba Enterprise philosophy

Aruba Enterprise digital transformation services include software tools to manage processes and organization in a compliant manner, minimizing the risks to which the IT infrastructure is subject. As? With the qualified digital signature, which guarantees the identity of the subscriber, and with the TSA qualified timestamp, which allows you to associate certain and legally valid date and time to the electronic document. Also with the PEC Flow software which certifies the exchange of mail messages, and the systems of strong authentication to access IT tools in total security and uniquely identify each operation.

Aruba Enterprise also provides companies with solutions for the dematerialization of processes, which represents an important step in the elimination of waste and leads to savings in time and resources. Value-added Trust services and solutions to facilitate the dematerialization and digitization process have to do above all with the management of approval and signature processes, SPID digital identity, digital preservation, signature and certified e-mail solutions. Aruba Enterprise offers its partner companies the innovative service of graphometric signature of documents, which consists in the signature on a graphic tablet or on a touch screen with a system that allows the collection of unique and personal data connected to the subscriber (so-called graphometric vectors), and finally the archiving activity, with a digital storage system standard that adapts to any type of enterprise and can be easily integrated into company systems.

“Aruba Enterprise provides fiduciary services – such as certified e-mail, digital signatures, email – using its platforms in SaaS and PaaS mode, satisfying the needs of the customer, who can integrate them into their digital processes with the guarantee of a Trust Service Provider qualified at European level “, he claims Giorgio Girelli, General Manager Aruba Enterprise.

“Trust Services have a fundamental role as an enabling technology for the provision of services that citizens and businesses will have to use online. It is precisely in the provision of services where a large number of data, often also sensitive, are processed that non-repudiation, i.e. the legal validity of the data that are managed, signed, transmitted, stored becomes fundamental and the trust services guarantee precisely this opposability to third parties “, explains Andrea Sassetti AD Aruba PEC, Trust Services Governance and General Affairs Director, Aruba Enterprise.

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