“Tu m’as salie”, Cardi B’s son, Offset’s ex-boyfriend sur les réseaux

Par Francois R.

Cardi B is a collision mechanism between social unrest after a breakup.

Cardi B and Offset in Clout videoCardi B and Offset in Clout video

Cardi B and Offset are the end. Bon, this is not a new thing. The two American artists are separated from each other and are in a bar with their respective audiences. Separation from the crucified and the fights crucified in flashes. Did I see this coming? Cardi B, who has never had her tongue in her bag, went all out on Instagram Live about her current sale – the Migos members’ ex-boyfriends.

I said that’s who I am.“, “Balance Without Bypassing Rap In Videos” Goes Viral. “I said that I cannot reach the maximum, that I see vraiment épargné. You’re feeling good about your album, your biggest hopes coming from the announcements that came with it. Le tout sans même un remerciement.» Published by Cardi B en a gros sur la patate et vide sans vergogne son sac sur la Place.

Cardi B and Offset as a couple after 2017

Dance le black entertainmentCardi B and Offset are the perfect Bonnie and Clyde of modern rap. Des Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the street, plus skirts and frock coats, plus jewelry. The two have been paired for a year. 2017 in anticipation of love for a girl, Culture – in honor of ay classical éponyme des Migos-, in 2018, et un garçon, wavein 2021. Immediately after the separation, in mid-December 2023, Cardi B endured hostility in the rouge tyrant on Offset via X (ancient Twitter). “Crois-moi, je vais m’en prendre à toi!“, écrit l’artiste sur le Famousux réseau Social dans une colère noire. Elle met in exergue le côté volage du rappeur. “You are the one who will make you feel good in these baskets, crois-moi, la roue Tourne” Cardi Boo or bomb’s revenge.

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