“Tuna fetch US$787,000 at first auction of the year in Tokyo” | Daily list

Bluefin tuna was sold this Friday for 114 million yen (about $787,000) at the traditional first auction of the year in Toyosu MarketV Tokyofourth highest price in its history.

The price paid for the 238-kilogram fish was three times higher than last year’s 212-kilogram specimen, which sold for 36.04 million yen (about $273,000).

Today’s guesses fourth highest price as records were kept in 1999, the 100 million yen ($690,000) barrier was broken for the first time in four years.

Yamayukiwell-known wholesale reseller based Tokyoand the Ginza Onodera chain, which has establishments in the Japanese capital and branches China and USA., made the largest joint bid for tuna caught in the waters near the port of Oma in Aomori Prefecture (northern Japan), where the best specimens in the world are believed to swim to make sushi.

This is the fourth year in a row that both companies have chosen pjoint sample request.

“I was worried about which tuna we should bet on, but freshness and good color were the deciding factors. Japanese tuna and sushi “They attract a lot of attention from people all over the world, and this motivates fishermen due to the high prices they receive,” Yukitaka Yamaguchi, president of wholesale company Yamayuki, said in a statement reproduced by state broadcaster NHK.

Today’s auction also included a moment of silence to honor the victims of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake off the west coast of central Japan this Monday, which has already left 92 people dead and 242 missing.

He tuna auction record he still belongs Red tuna which reached 333.6 million yen (about $2.52 million) in the first auction of 2019, the first auction to be held in Toyosu after the auction was moved there from its previous location in the nearby Tsukiji ward.

Over the past 15 years first auction of the year reached astronomical numbers for top productions because many saw it as an opportunity to get a lot of media attention, which would offset the huge costs of getting a product considered the “hatsumomo” (first of the season) that attracts many. customers.Japanese consumer.

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