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They called them heroes because they were at the forefront at the most difficult time in modern history, but now their future hangs in the balance. They are the many nurses and osss who in Piedmont in the last two years have had to fight the most difficult battle on the front line, the one against covid, and who now risk being left without a work contract. In our region there are 5,700 precarious health workers, of these only 1,136 there is the hope of being hired on a permanent basis; for all the others the deadline could be the next 30 June.

The Piedmontese health unions have launched the alarm for next 21 April, Thursday, at 9.30 am a demonstration in front of the Piedmontese regional council. CGIL, CISL and UIL have called all workers together because “the consequences of the lack of stabilization”, they write in a note, “would fall heavily on workers, pensioners and all citizens”.

The numbers of what could be a real crisis in the sector are dramatic. “There are 5,700 precarious workers with flexible employment contracts, of these 1,136 have the requisites foreseen by the budget to be stabilized, but without the increase in spending ceilings more than 50% of the 1,136 would not be stabilized. Furthermore, 70% of the 5,700 a June would not see its contract renewed “. This photograph was taken by Massimo Esposto from CGIL.

The situation, however, could somehow be resolved if the Piedmont Region took into consideration the possibility of adopting the Calabria decree: “The Calabria decree gives the possibility to individual regions to be able to derogate from the employment constraints”, continues the trade unionist, “It means increasing 10% the hiring power of companies which for the Piedmont Region is worth 58 million euros. Piedmont does not want to go down this path because it is carrying out an accounting assessment of the budget: the Healthcare budget is worth 9 billion euros and 58 million would be a drop in the sea”.

In total, more than 4,500 people between now and the end of the year could risk seeing their contract not renewed due to waiting lists to be disposed of, new structures to be started and the covid which still remains an unknown factor.

“Personally, what scares me the most are the numbers of the pandemic that still persist today”, explains Alessandro Bertaina of the CISL, “This is an assessment to be made. The concern is that with these numbers certainly around October and November we could have even more contagions. It would mean making the mistake of recent years: finding personnel in emergency mode looking for figures, such as nurses and oss, who are very difficult to find. Giving up stabilization would be very serious because in November other realities would compete for them “. Like Lombardy which offers more attractive conditions.

Not to mention the Health Homes that risk being empty boxes: “Through the PNRR we are discussing the Health Houses and territoriality, very well, but the fact remains that today they risk being empty boxes because we are not able with the current organic endowments to follow up on these projects “, concludes Antonio Di Capua of Uil,” Stabilization is a sacrosanct right of the workers who in two years of the pandemic have kept the system in place. the provision of a whole series of services “.

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